Do You See Life as Half Full or Half Empty?

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Though most everyone is aware of the old expression, acting on it truly empowers your life.

Like the old expression of whether a glass is half full or half empty, how you daily perceive your life, as either half full or half empty, will determine whether you empower yourself to succeed and be happy or drain the very life force (energy-wise) from your day-to-day existence.

Grasping the urgency of this concept can be a key factor to restoration.

I have been recently talking with a friend who has not yet grasped the urgency of this concept in bringing restoration to his life.  He was in a very abusive family relationship. The controlling, self-motivated spouse lived a destructive lifestyle that deeply affected every member of that family. Eventually, even the children as they became adults began to adopt many of her user/abuser behavior traits. Eventually, my friend’s life came completely crashing down around him with the loss of his physical and emotional health, self worth, career, and financial stability. He has been out of the household for about 8 months, though career issues and financial problems caused by the relationship aren’t remedied by a geographic change. The effects from the amount of time – 20 years – in such a abusive relationship are not easily or quickly corrected. Yet, day after day, my friend beats himself down in his thoughts by focusing on what has not yet been restored, i.e. a healthy family setting, new career, and freedom from debt.

By focusing on the “half full” in his journey to restoration, my friend could be living in a state of joy that would bring energy, creativity, vision, motivation, and awareness of good opportunities to his daily life.

Those of us around him can rejoice in the tremendous healings that have visibly taken place: his physical health is doing well, his personality and sense of humor have returned, he has free time/personal time, he is now surrounded by people who deeply love and support him instead of drain him and abuse him. These aspects alone would bring great consolation to many people who are in situations needing improvement. It could to him, too, if he would only allow it.

The decision to focus on what is not yet resolved will drain the life force from anyone’s day, making difficult any type of effectiveness and clarity of perception. In addition, staying focused on the problem causes you to only see the problem, not the solutions.

Look at these examples of life benefits from focusing on the “half full.”

The decision to focus on the “half full” part of my friend’s life would:

— bring joy resulting in greater physical, emotional, and spiritual energy
— cause him to believe that the unresolved issues can also be overcome
–bring him motivation to change the things immediately within his power to change
–enable him to envision greater achievements than in the present state of mind
— attract other “half full” perspective people to his life who’s creativity and effectiveness would (1) assist him and (2) inspire him
— bring peace that restoration is taking place and will come to completion
— greatly improve his self worth and sense of purpose


To live in the benefits of a life “half full” philosophy, you must decide that your wellness and restoration are more important than self pity.

Self pity is always destructive. Choose instead to love yourself enough to empower yourself for wellness and restoration. A life “half full” perspective enables you to believe that “fullness” will come. Restore to your life now the energy, creativity, effectiveness that will blossom under a “half full” mentality.

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