Readers’ Choice Awards for 2009

We wish to thank all of our readership for allowing us the privilege of sharing life with you in 2009, assisting in your wellness, healing, and health!

Here is a list of the Top Read Articles by you, our readership, in 2009, arranged by the categories they are posted in. Just click the title to go to the post of your choice!

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Readers’ Questions

Resentment and Anger Management

Abusive Relationships: Situations-Symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome

Handling Controlling Behavior by Realizing Your Compliant Personality

Recognizing Controlling People

Does Love Have to Be Earned (Withdraw of Love-Topic)

Why Doesn’t God Heal Me?

Rejection to Self Esteem Building

Personal Reflections

Live Worry Free

Healing Through Overcoming Family Past (Withdraw of Love-Topic)

Kindness: Have You Considered Committing a Random Act?

Allowing the New Year to be New

Recognizing Real Love Part 1 of 2

Practical Ideas for Overcoming Fear


Physical Reflections

Substituting Honey and Maple Syrup for White Sugar

Arthritis Treatment

Is a Lack of B12 the Source of Your Health Issues?

Water Filter for Drinking Water

Breast Cancer and Your Wardrobe Choices

Six Body Detox Ideas for a Safe, Easy Body Cleanse

Cancer Causes: Reducing the Risks from Plastics

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