Flu Prevention

During the winter season, the flu virus is something we all desire to avoid. Let’s cover a virus blocker product as well as some immune system boosters.

Natural virus blockers are an effective way to prevent the flu from taking hold.

Last winter, when the some severe flu strains were taking over large regions of the US, we had stayed pretty flu free all season. Toward the end of the season, I evidently caught the strain and stopped by the health food store.. They had a huge display of a product called, Blockade.  If you recall, last winter’s strain of flu was holding on for 2-3 weeks at a time. I was significantly better in 24 hrs. and completely over it within 48 hrs.  Since then, the name/company has changed and it is now called, “Immunity Take Care” by New Chapter. However, a large number of companies have put out copy cat products, too. The key is to look for the elderberry extract, sambucus nigra, of 175 mg in a lozenge form that you put under your tongue and absorb straight into the blood stream as opposed to being digested.  The last brand we used was “Elderberry Immune Defense” by Quantum Health.  It was very reasonable; about 36 lozenges for $10.

Elderberry lozenges are an all herbal virus blocker.

According to the write-up, viruses reproduce in the human body after entering human cells, as opposed to infections in the blood stream which can be treated with antibiotics. Since viruses reproduce within the cells, antibiotics do not work on them. The bioactives in the lozenges coat the viruses and prevent them from attaching to and entering human cells. Since the viruses cannot reproduce, the illness does not progress. Laboratory studies have shown a 100% success rate in keeping the flu virus from entering cells. It is very important to follow the directions; the lozenges are not to be chewed or dissolved like a cough drop. You are to hold the lozenge under your tongue and let it dissolve all the way so it is absorbed immediately into your bloodstream, rather than going through your digestive system. If you have taken many health food supplements, you will be familiar with doing the same thing with liquid vitamins.

We found several varieties at our local Vitamin Shoppe (chain store); my relatives bought it at their local health food store. You can also find it at many vitamin stores online.


Echinacea is often used as an immune system booster.

Studies show it can lessen the duration and severity of a cold, especially if taken as soon as the cold begins to develop. In capsule form, they recommend 900 mg to 4.5 grams per day. In liquid extract, 3-9 milliliters is recommended. People allergic to ragweed may be allergic to Echinacea. (GreenWise, Dec 04, p. 11)

Elderberry has been used as a cold and flu remedy for centuries.

One study found that people taking elderberry recovered from the flu in 3 days as opposed to 6 without it. They recommend 3 t. per day of extract or 500 mg capsule 3 times a day. Prevention.com

WebMD has a list of 12 simple lifestyle changes to avoid flu and/or speed recovery.

Ginger Tea is said to bring relief from fever and chills.

Fever and head congestion can be relieved by making a tea of 1/3 t. of powdered ginger into a cup of hot water. (GreenWise, Dec 04, p. 11) I, personally, would mix honey into that to make it more flavorful.

Other Sites of Interest for Natural Flu Prevention-

You can find many sites for natural flu prevention. Two others I came across were Body and Fitness and
Organic Nutrition, both of which list herbs for various cold and flu prevention or symptoms.

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