Visualize & Speak Health and Restoration into Existence

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  1. Speaking Health and Restoration into Existence
  2. Visualize & Speak Health and Restoration into Existence

Some simple daily exercises for health and restoration are beneficial in the realization of your goals.

After talking with a loved one who was going through a breakdown of the family structure, finances, and emotional state, I began to visualize seeing him as he desires his life to be–happy, healthy, trim, and successful. When one’s dreams for his or her life have come crashing down around them, it is rather difficult, and seemingly absurd to visualize one’s self and life in a state of near perfection. However, in recent years I have been studying people in both the secular world and religious world who have used the principle of faith to bring restoration after every aspect of their lives had been completely destroyed, and all of them say, “You must see where you want to be in your mind; you must visualize it for it to come to pass.” As a main key to being successful is learning how others achieved it, the concepts of visualizing and speaking restoration into existence should be taken hold of by anyone in need of life restoration.

Let’s look at two daily exercises to evoke health and life restoration.

1. The first exercise was something that came out of the discussion with the loved one in crisis. At his job, each of the staff, in their own office area, had put up a collage of pictures about his or her childhood. My loved one had found some comfort by looking at the childhood pictures, remembering life being happy and healthy back then. I realized that this would be an effective way to help visualize restoration in the midst of collapsed, seemingly hopeless circumstances. For this exercise, find several pictures if possible, and put them where you must look at them more than once a day. Look at those pictures so that you can focus on happiness and health as a reality for you; it was–you have been there. Once your mind and emotions are able to re-grasp some of those thoughts and feelings that you experienced of health and happiness, then use those pictures to then visualize yourself now being happy and healthy. Visualize yourself, as an individual, being happy and healthy first. Then, if you have a family you are living with now, proceed to also visualize your entire family you live with now being happy and healthy–physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

2. The second exercise is related to what we discussed in the recent post of Healing Words. I want you to speak out loud, “I am happy and healthy. My family is happy and healthy. I have restoration physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.” Yes, it will most likely be difficult to say because it isn’t visual reality now, but “hope that is seen is not hope at all.” Remember, speaking words of healing and restoration have been scientifically proven to be necessary, as well as been proven by the countless thousands whose lives have come back from a state of devastation to restoration. You can read Yomi Akinpelu’s quote about your words affect on the nerves of your entire body in this post, Healing Words Part 1.

I trust these 2 simple daily restoration exercises will bless your life and provide forward momentum in the midst of seemingly hopeless circumstances. Feel free to use the link at the beginning of the article or this one here to go back and read the related post, “Speaking Health and Restoration into Existence.”

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