Cancer: Soft Drinks Increase Cancer Risk

Results from a 14 yr long study shows only 2 or more soft drinks a week increased the risk of pancreatic cancer by 87%.

The study by the University of Minnesota was done on 60,000 people in Singapore and published this month in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. As Singapore is a wealthy country with excellent health care, doctors believe that the results readily apply to other industrialized nations. It appears that as insulin is made in the pancreas, soda interferes with insulin levels, then contributing to cancerous cell growth in the pancreas. Similarly, diabetes, a disease in which the body’s insulin production is compromised, is also known to increase pancreatic cancer risk.

Natural sugar in fruit juice did not create the same cancer risk.

Dr. Mark Pereira, the study’s lead researcher, believes a possible explanation is that soda drinkers usually have other poor health habits which also increase their risk level, such as smoking and eating red meat, two lifestyle factors already linked to cancer.

230,000 people are diagnosed each year with pancreatic cancer.

The American Cancer Society estimates that only 5% survive for 5 years. Identifying risk factors such as the soft drink correlation could save thousands of lives. Other known causes of pancreatic cancer (in addition to diabetes, smoking, and eating red meat) include:

  • genetics
  • ethnicity
  • old age
  • obesity
  • excessive alcohol consumption

Where should you draw the line with sugar consumption?

A single can of soda contains 13 teaspoons of sugar. The American Heart Association says women should have less than 6 ½ teaspoons of sugar a day and men 9 1/2 teaspoons.


Excerpts from:
Soft Drink and Juice Consumption and Risk of Pancreatic Cancer: The Singapore Chinese Health Study
Sugar Fuels Tumor Growth, Says Major New Study

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