From Loneliness to Joy

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Loneliness is something most people face at a variety of times throughout life.

I came across a free download for 148 pp. e-book on dealing with loneliness. It is written by internationally known public speaker and author, Josh McDowell. Though the book is aimed at college age youth, the general concepts should be applicable to overcoming loneliness no matter the age at which you are experiencing it.

Here is a brief description of the Free E-book, Friend of the Lonely Heart.

You can overcome loneliness and rejection. This book provides you with practical proven advice that will enable you to break the loneliness cycle and put real meaning into your life. Friend of the Lonely Heart can help you – Uncover the reasons you feel lonely; Find a new sense of direction and real meaning in your life; Learn to turn your lonely feelings into feelings of joy and happiness.

Here are 3 separate excerpts from the E-Book which is in .pdf format. The download link is at the end of the post:

One reason that there is so much hostility in a lot of families these days is because a great many people have come to adulthood with a lot of “emotional baggage.” In other words, emotional experiences from their own childhood now affect how they act toward their kids. Some are seething with anger which quickly spills out when the pressure begins to build, or when someone challenges any idea they express. Others live with many job demands placed and them, and when they come home, they are seeking a place to escape from relationships altogether. Their theme is “leave me alone.” Still others have never learned effective, healthy communication skills, so when they talk with family members, they easily attack and wound them…

One way to reduce loneliness in the home is for each family member to be honest about his own problems and limitations. When we can be truthful with each other and not feel condemned, then home can be our favorite place to go find refreshment and support. Can you go to your parents and tell them of your problems? Can you say, “I know that I’ve been irritable lately and I’m sorry about that. I appreciate your patience with me. I’m working on the problem.” In many situations, this kind of honesty between parents and teens builds closeness…

I can think of five setting in which we experience loneliness and sadness through the loss of family members or friends… In Amy’s situation, she initiated the change in relationships [referring to ending harmful relationships]. During the time this was happening, of course, she probably felt lonely or left out of their conversations and activities. Sometimes it’s hard to choose between old friends and the changes taking place in our lives. Often it cannot happen without hurt and pain, but we know that we need to do it. In the long run, it’s worse to keep on holding on to a bad friendship than to let it go. We’re only prolonging the pain…

    Free Downoad of E-Book, Friend of the Lonely Heart

    Author Josh McDowell’s website.

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