No Need for Guilt

Not dealing with guilt can hold you back from your goals, dreams, daily positive social interaction, and even physical and spiritual health.

Facing your guilt issues will bring about new avenues of freedom in your life that have long back lacking.  What guilt are you holding on to now?  Guilt does not fill any positive purpose. 

–Holding on to guilt will keep you from pursuing open opportunities to reach your goals and dreams.

Usually you will either fear more failure or feel that you do not deserve the good opportunities.

–Guilt over the past keeps you from positive social interaction. 

It is the same principle as the Law of Attraction.  If you feel that people like you, that you deserve good, and that good will come to you, it subconsciously causes you to interact with people in positive ways; then, due to the way you carry yourself, as one who believes he or she is a good person worthy of knowing, people begin responding to you in positive ways.  If you are holding on to guilt, the reverse is true.  You subconsciously carry yourself in a way that portrays that you do not feel yourself worthy of being known and loved; your social interactions are then not as positive as you desire because of the negative emotions you are emanating.  When your negative emotions receive  negative reactions, it results in more withdrawal.


–Freeing yourself from guilt is also necessary for both your physical and spiritual health.  

Harmful stress chemicals are consistently released into your body when you carry guilt, as we’ve discussed in prior posts.  And, just as in your relationships with loved ones, friends, and co-workers, guilt will cause you to withdraw spiritually and not pursue the positive interaction you need.

Once a person realizes that condemnation does not come from God, the freedom from guilt in your spiritual perspective will free you from guilt in the other arenas of life.

Since God is considered a being of flawless righteousness, for many people, the root source of continued guilt is the feeling of condemnation from God.  Scripture says in Romans 8:1 that there is no condemnation for those who live life in Christ Jesus.  The purpose of Christ’s death and resurrection was to free us from the guilt and condemnation of our failures.

Look at this amazing quote that expresses God’s fullness of compassion, not condemnation, toward us:

We have a High Priest [referring to Jesus’ work of salvation] who sympathizes with our weakness and the assaults of temptation. Let us then fearlessly and confidently and boldly draw near to the throne of God’s unmerited favor to us [unearned, not performance-based] that we may receive mercy for our failures and find help for every need—appropriate help, coming just when we need it.  Heb.4:15,16 Amp

You can change your negative emotions and spiritual perspective when you act on the points from this quote :

1. Jesus does sympathize with us in our weaknesses, not condemn us.  This is not the negative form of the word as sympathy is sometimes used, but rather a being emotionally moved to a state of compassion.

2. Father God views His interactions with us with “unmerited favor.”  This means His favor is always a gift, never earned.  It is because His favor is an unearned gift that it is always available for you!

3.  Because of God’s continual choice to view you through the gift of His favor, He wants you to then change your feelings of guilt and condemnation, and fearlessly, confidently,  even boldly come into His presence to interact with Him.  Imagine a child who feels well loved by a parent; he or she does not fear asking for any want, much less something that is truly needed.  That is how God desires you to approach Him, as a child who knows without a doubt that he or she is loved and free from condemnation.

4. The result of approaching God in a relationship free from guilt results in you receiving both compassionate mercy when you fail, as well as good, timely help for every situation of need in your life.

 Freedom from guilt is a matter of choosing to align your emotions with truth.

This does not mean that you avoid responsibilities associated with your guilt.  If you’ve wronged someone, apologize and make reconciliation when possible.  Reconciliation with other people is not always possible.  (See prior post for detailed explanation Forgiveness or Reconciliation – Understanding the Difference ) Either way, you can choose to live free from guilt.  If Father God, the only truly righteous and holy One, does not condemn you, it is time for you to align your emotions with that truth and stop condemning yourself.  Enjoy once again the life intended for you by being free from guilt; experience the improved physical health, open spiritual communication, freedom to pursue your goals, and positive interactions with people that are waiting to bring joy and fulfillment to your life again!

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