Achieving Your Goal: Can You See It?

How clear cut is your goal?  Is it clear enough to see in your mind’s eye?

A vital part of goal setting is to be able to literally visualize your goal.  You need to see yourself there.  Once you see yourself there, you will become much more successful at staying in a state of mental alertness; this state of alertness enables you to then see the goal-related paths and opportunities as well as make decisions which help, rather than hinder, your goals.

What percentage of your mental/emotional focus is on your goal?

Present situations will be a hindrance if stay focused on them instead of your goal.  You will set yourself back when your focus is on where you are, and all the present circumstances you are unhappy with, instead of where you want to go or what you want to achieve.  Abraham is considered the forefather of many nations.  Before he ever had any children, Abraham was travelling from the land of his ancestors to a new country, at God’s direction.  However, Abraham and all his household, which consisted of numerous flocks, herds, and attendants, were still living in a nomadic state, without a place to settle and call their own.  Look at what God said to Abraham in Genesis 13:

 -Look FROM the place where you are (v.14)
 -All the land you see I will give to you forever (v.15)
 -Walk the land and I will give it to you…So Abram moved (17,18)

Look from where you are to where you want to go.

For Abraham, this was a God-given directive for vision casting.  Look FROM the place where you are to another one, to the place of promise, which for him was a permanent place to settle his descendants.  How much of your focus is on your present circumstances?  Are you looking from where you are to your goal?  Are you seeing it or just your present surroundings?

You will make progress toward whatever is “in your sights.”

Notice again the example from Abraham’s life.  God not only told Abraham to look from where he was to the goal, but then he was to begin walking in that direction.  Once you set your eyes on your goal, walk in that path–in the lifestyle and choices that you need–to reach the goal and live there!

 I’ll ask you again.  Do you see your goal?  Do you see a place of promise?  Now begin moving toward it, keeping it in view so that everything you do is in view of that place.

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