Olive Leaf Extract: The New Multi-Faceted Supplement

From Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia to Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol, Olive Leaf Extract Should be of Interest to You!

After seeing a comment on a webpage about olive leaf extract solving digestion issues, it spurred my interest to do some research on it.  I wanted to post for you excerpts from 2 of those articles as I was amazed at what I found. 

According to the Nutritional Supplement Educational Centre, the use of olive leaf extract for health benefits has been common to the Mediterranean culture, though more recently popular in the nutritional supplement industry. Olive leaf extract gained international attention when studies showed it to have an antioxidant capacity almost double green tea extract and 400% higher than vitamin C. (2)

Here is a sampling of olive leaf extract benefits listed by the NSEC:

1.  Boosts weakened immune system by neutralizing free radical cell damage.

2.  Naturally kills pathogens such as bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi, by preventing them from reproducing.

3.  Lowers blood pressure.

4.  Lowers high cholesterol.

5.  Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia patients report it boosts their energy.

6.  It has been used to treat cold and flu viruses, yeast infections, Epstein-Barr disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, and shingles.

7.  As with other herbal supplements, NSEC recommends not to use if pregnant or nursing. (1)


Olive Leaf Extract is also an effective detox agent.

Detoxing is a necessary and beneficial process to improve one’s health.  If one has chronic levels of harmful pathogens, a person may experience some symptoms from the detox such as fatigue, diarrhea, headaches, muscle and joint aches, pimples, rashes, and flu-like symptoms when starting on olive leaf extract. These symptoms are due to the number of dead microbes being so high that the kidneys and liver are temporarily overloaded.  If this is your situation, NSEC suggests drinking 4 glasses of water between doses. (1)   It is rare for people to have any symptoms, as Dr. Ray Sahelian states in his article (below).  I and my spouse have been on 1500mg, a high mg extract, and have not had any negative side effects.

How to choose a good quality extract

NSEC says be sure your supplement is produced using only standardized herbal olive leaf extract so it has the highest amount of oleuropein possible.  

Dr. Ray Sahelian also advocates olive leaf extract as a widely beneficial nutritional supplement.

Dr. Sahelian has numerous pages of valuable health-related research on the web; we have referenced his pages several times in past posts.  A couple of additional points that he mentions is that olive leaf extract has been tested for health benefits in studies with rats in years past but has just, in recent years, started being studied in humans.  In his research, he has not come across any side effects from olive leaf extract.

Here is a list of the main health benefits of olive leaf extract as provided by Dr. Sahelian.

1.  Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol- A 2008 study on humans receiving 1000mg per day for 20 weeks showed significant decrease in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as cholesterol. 

2.  Anti-inflammatory

3.  Immune System Support

4.  Improvement for Diabetics – Studies have shown olive leaf extract to have anti-diabetic qualities at 16mg per kg of weight per day.

5.  Anti-viral benefits (inhibits reproduction of virus) (3)

Benefits We’ve Experienced

Our relatives who have recently started on olive leaf extract have noticed almost immediate benefits of:

-increased energy
-improved digestion
-less joint pain

Recommended Dosage

Dr. Sahelian offers his own line of olive leaf extract (The NSEC article has recommended brands as well.), suggesting two 835mg pills per day.  That is how we chose the dosage we are using.  The Vitamin Shoppe locally has their own brand of liquid extract for $11.99.  The eye dropper in the bottle will equal 1500mg if you take 4 a day (two in the morning and two at night).

If you know that you have chronic illnesses or have a high level of toxins, you may want to ease into the recommended dose over a period of several days due to the detox response mentioned above by the NSEC.  As with beginning any supplement, you should check with your doctor, especially if you are on prescriptions. 

 1. Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract by Nutritional Supplement Educational Centre
2.  Dr. L. Stevenson,
Report on Olive Leaf Australia’s Olive Leaf Extracts, Southern Cross University, 2005 (footnote 5) 3.  Olive Leaf Extract supplement benefit and side effects by Dr. Ray Sahelian

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