Be Intentional About Living Life’s Fullness

How fulfilling has your life has been up to this point for this year’s goals?

At the beginning of the year, I challenged you to make a clear cut “life plan” to achieve your own goals of fulfillment in the various aspects of your life, instead of just maintaining in the face of all life’s responsibilities. A visible plan is needed to help you keep in focus the daily creation of the environment essential to live out your desired life of fulfillment.  (See the post Planning for Life)

Now that we are entering the second half of this year, be sure to be intentional that any revisions of your year’s goals include time for fulfillment.

Since August-September usually sees life coming back to a more typical schedule than during seasonal summertime activities, I have been re-checking and fine tuning my life goals.  Part of this process has been making sure that I have time for all the things that bring fulfillment to life — not just career or personal goals — but time for friends, hobbies, and other things that bring lasting memories.  As we were reminded in the quote from Dr. Richard Carlson the other week, the lives of the people we love, and our own lives, will not wait for us to make time for those moments that are fulfilling.  If we stay too busy, those opportunities will be forever lost.  (See the post Are You Present-Minded?)

 I usually do not get this personally detailed in my posts, but I thought I’d share with you our present unusual experience that has made life more fulfilling. 


The past 3 weeks we have been experiencing our first major muscadine grape harvest.  The main focus of our gardens is roses, but we try to have one type of fruit or vegetable that is producing during any season.  This harvest brought a little extra work with a little bit of late night hours, but we have had the new, enjoyable experience of Googling recipes from North Carolina vineyards and freezing muscadine pancake syrup, cobbler, pies, jam, and quick bread.  It caused me to recall about 15 years ago when we made a career change.  At that time, I was determined that memorable experiences like what we’ve experienced these weeks were never going to pass us by again.  Up until that point, we often put in 100 hours a week each in our careers.  Back then we were young and over-enthusiastic.  However, life came to a point where we realized that about 75% of our lives should be made up of memorable moments, moments that bring great satisfaction and fulfillment to life, and have nothing to do with our careers.

 Is there fulfillment that is missing in your life?

If so, do not let another week slip by.  Revise your life plan.  Make time to make memories, the kind that bring fulfillment and last a lifetime!

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