Going from Good to Great

Why settle for good when life could be great? Ten simple ideas can make a major difference in your life!

We had recently listened to a few podcasts by Chip Ingram on iTunes. He posts the outlines for them on his website. We have not listened to this series yet, but we came across one about going from good to great. Without even hearing the podcast yet, the titles alone are insightful and motivational enough for anyone to use to make major progress in their lives to go from good to great.

I challenge you to take a look at Chip’s points, meditate on them, and begin to implement them in your life. Again, why settle for the mundane, the ordinary, when things can be extraordinary?

Set your sight on a better life by visualizing how you can implement these 10 steps to go from good to great! 

See the links below to Chip Ingram’s website with podcasts and outlines. For more details, you can listen to the podcasts through iTunes or take a look at his outlines:

Think Great Thoughts

Read Great Books

Pursue Great People

Dream Great Dreams

Pray Great Prayers

Take Great Risks

Make Great Sacrifices

Enjoy Great Moments

Empower Great People

Develop Great Habits

1. There are 5 pages of outlines at this link. Use the alphabet links to go to the other pages.
You can find the podcasts in iTunes under “Living on the Edge.”
Overview outline of 10 Steps for Good to Great
Think Great Thoughts outline
Read Great Books outline
Pursue Great People outline
Dream Great Dreams outline
Pray Great Prayers outline
Take Great Risks outline
Make Great Sacrifices outline
Enjoy Great Moments outline
Empower Great People outline
Develop Great Habits outline

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