Cure Your High Blood Pressure by Eliminating this One Food

There is one food item consumed daily in the US that raises blood pressure levels 77%.

High blood pressure is a common issue in our culture; when left uncontrolled, it greatly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.  We all know that food and lifestyle habits affect blood pressure.  Ignoring it is dangerous and yet it can so easily be helped!  Studies show that there is 1 great place to start  —  a food that is a main factor in high blood pressure.  Anyone can make a lifestyle change of just one food!

Dr. Joseph Mercola recently discussed the relationship studies show between fructose and high blood pressure. 

Here are some excerpts.  See the link below for Dr. Mercola’s full e-news post.

A recently published study (2010) showed that:

those who consumed 74 grams or more per day of fructose (the equivalent of about 2.5 sugary drinks) had a 77 percent greater risk of having blood pressure levels of 160/100 mmHg. (A normal blood pressure reading is below 120/80 mmHg.) Consuming 74 grams or more of fructose daily also increased the risk of a 135/85 blood pressure reading by 26 percent, and 140/90 by 30 percent. (1)

Dr. Mercola says what makes this significant is that the average American consumes 70 grams of fructose every day.  It’s time to read those food labels and see what the sources of fructose are in your diet!

Here are Dr. Mercola’s recommendations for safe fructose intake.

Keep your total fructose consumption below 25 grams per day. The average 12 oz can of soda contains 40 grams of sugar, half of which is fructose, exceeding daily recommendations. (1)

Limit the amount of fructose you get from fruit to 15 grams or less, as there are hidden sources of fructose in most processed food which you won’t see on the label.  Fifteen grams of fructose is not much; it represents two bananas, one-third cup of raisins, or just two Medjool dates. (1)

There are other good options to add to your daily lifestyle which will improve your blood pressure as well as bring many other health benefits.

1. Remove all grains (any type of bread, pasta, corn, potatoes, or rice ) and sugars, especially fructose, from your diet until both your weight and your blood pressure have normalized.

2. Eating according to your nutritional body type normalizes elevated blood pressures in most people. Dr. Mercola offers an entire nutritional typing test online, for FREE to diagnose your unique biochemical needs.

3. Have proper intakes of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fats. Most people have too much Omega 6 (corn, soy, canola, safflower and sunflower oil) and too little Omega 3 (flaxseed oil, walnut oil and fish).

4. Eliminate caffeine. Dr. Mercola says the connection between caffeine and high blood pressure is not understood but there does appear to be evidence that it makes blood pressure worse.


5. Exercise. A comprehensive program produces long-term benefits for those with high blood pressure.  Depending on your health, you may need to consult with your doctor about the level of exercise to lower your insulin levels and blood pressure.

6. Optimize your Vitamin D levels.  Blood pressure is typically higher in winter due to a lack of sunlight.  Appropriate levels of safe sun exposure help your body produce D3 (not D2) and are the best way to take in D3.  If taking oral supplements, Dr. Mercola suggests monitoring your vitamin D3 blood levels to avoid overdosing.

7. Control Stress. Teach your body to slow and relax when stress hits, stopping the physical stress reaction before it starts to protect your health.

1. Click here to read Dr. Mercola’s full article, Eliminate This Everyday Food and Watch Your High Blood Pressure Plunge

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