A Collection of Your Questions Answered

There were several questions submitted by readers which have helpful replies and discussion already made to you in previous posts.

Today we’re going to go through 7 Reader Submitted Questions and give you the links to the articles provided to  bring healing to those life issues.

  1. How to Forgive Yourself
    Healing by Forgiving Yourself
    Hold on to Forgiveness Instead of Failure
  2. How to Deal with Emotional Pain from Betrayal
    Hope for the Betrayed Heart
    Not Allowing Hurt to Stay Central Focus
  3. Recognizing Love or When a Person Truly Loves You
    Recognizing Real Love Part 1
    Recognizing Real Love Part 2
    Defining Harmful Behavior
    A Love that Isn’t Earned
  4. How to Follow Through on Goals
    Break Out of the Rut
    Make Room for Restoration
  5. How to Overcoming Fear and Negative Thoughts
    Practical Ideas for Overcoming Fear
    Relinquishing Fear Video
    Take Charge of Your Thoughts, Take Charge of Your Life
    Better Thoughts for a Better Life
    Making Real Change to Thought, Feelings, or Behavior
    The Necessity of Strength and Courage
    Enforcing Hope in Your Thought Life
  6. How to Deal with Emotionally Destructive Relationships
    Healing through Overcoming Family Past
    Defining Harmful Behavior
    Responding to Abusive Relationships
  7. How do You Release Guilt
    Forgetting What God Forgets
    Why Guilt is Unnecessary
    2 Simple Steps to Releasing Guilt
    Healing by Forgiving Yourself Video

Please note that since these are past posts, the Listen Now feature that appears for you to listen on your laptop/desktop or download these archived articles to your iPod or MP3 will not be available as the company only offers it for 1 month after posting.

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