The Essential Vacation

Though those of us who run our own businesses often feel it is impossible to get away for a vacation, it is this seemingly impossible idea that is essential for the prosperity of your business.

In times of stress, and more so when the weather turns wintery, most of us begin to dream of a relaxing getaway in a warm, responsibility-free environment.  The thought is wonderful, motivational, yet for the small business owner, it often seems only a dream.  Rod Kurtz, Small Business author for AOL, recently wrote a post reminding small business owners of the essential nature of vacation.  Especially since small business owners usually work 24-7, he says a relaxing getaway is crucial for

-renewed motivation
-increased productivity

As getting ready for such a vacation usually brings even more stress, business owners are more likely to cancel vacation plans than follow through.  According to Mr. Kurtz, while most Europeans take a month long vacation, almost 2/3’s of American business people have canceled vacations due to the recession.

Different vacations for different purposes!

I love this quote by Clint Greenleaf, Greenleaf Book Group, as to the different types of vacations necessary for the business owner.  He, too, emphasizes that vacations are critical to the success of the entrepreneur.  Greenleaf says that he used to skip vacations until he realized that it was a dangerous choice that worked against the well-being of (1) himself, (2) the business, and (3) his family.  Vacations help bring balance to his life.  Greenleaf has learned that it is beneficial for the business owner to take part in different types of vacations.  He says,

I try to get away several times a year — a few times with our whole family, a few with my wife, and one or two personal retreats where I try to unplug and get focused.

Yes, getting away for a vacation if you are a business owner may be more difficult than the stress of running your daily business, but for the sake of yourself, your family, and your business, do whatever is within your power to do to make vacation a reality so you can experience rejuvenation, renewed motivation, and increased productivity.

Click here to read the full article by Rod Kurtz, AOL Small Business Writer, Do You Really Need a Vacation?


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  1. Tanya Says:

    Thanks so much for mentioning Clint Greenleaf’s quote. Is there any way to get the spelling of his first name corrected from “Cliff” to “Clint”? Thanks again!

  2. R.H. Says:

    Dear Tanya,
    Deep pardons for the typo. It is updated now!

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