Set Goals to Achieve Your Restoration

Whenever you set goals, the manifestation of the best goals-your goals for the ultimate restoration of your life-are achieved through a very common process: writing it out!

I recently mentioned to a friend about a common denominator that I came across while studying the success stories of people whose lives had endured complete collapse financially, physically, and career-wise. The recovery or life restoration of every person I have studied, both in the secular and religious worlds, resulted from a commitment to writing out a clear list of life goals. It sounds so simple. In many ways, it is. Yet it is absolutely vital to seeing the manifestation of your restoration. Whether the purpose of your goal setting is the complete restoration of a collapsed life, the reaching of some childhood dreams, or accomplishing your destiny, a clearly written list is still an absolute necessity.

This practical illustration reveals why the manifestation of your goals must go beyond just visualization.

Many people have probably seen the photos of the beach communities in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina. The devastation looked must like that of an earthquake. Nothing could be seen for miles except complete rubble. Among those people who lost their homes, there was bound to be at least one architect or contractor.

An expert home builder may know all that there is to build himself a new home, but he will never begin the rebuilding without “writing it out,” without a blueprint. An expert builder who lost his home in that disaster may be able to see the image in his mind of the new home for the rebuilding, but he will not rebuild without that blueprint, without putting it in writing. And, to further the analogy, the expert builder may not know where all the funds for the rebuilding will come from, he may not know where all the labor for the rebuilding will come from, but he will still write out the plan for the rebuilding; he knows that the written plan is necessary first before any rebuilding can take place in the physical realm. In your life as well, rebuilding cannot take place, it cannot manifest, without the plan for rebuilding being written out.

History even records that the rebuilding of nations came from writing out the plans.

I came across a text the other day that affirmed how even the nation of Israel wrote out a plan and commitment of restoration during the rebuilding of Jerusalem in 430 BC, which we will look at as a pattern. However, even in my own nation’s history, the Declaration of Independence was not just a vision, but a written plan, a blueprint for the re-structuring and rebuilding of a nation. I found several interesting parallels in the rebuilding of Jerusalem that are helpful to each of us in the rebuilding of our lives, i.e. seeing the manifestation of our needs, dreams, and goals. The text is from Nehemiah chapter 9; Nehemiah is one of my favorite historical characters.

1. They took a significant amount of time in study and prayerful meditation. Notice that half of the day was spent in study of the Scriptures, prayer, and worship.

And they stood in their place and read from the Book of the Law of the Lord their God for a fourth of the day, and for another fourth of it they confessed and worshiped the Lord…You found his heart faithful before You, and You made the covenant with him And You have fulfilled Your promise, for You are just and righteous. (Neh.9:3,8)

2. To visualize the plan of rebuilding, made it a point to focus on good times, not just failures.

They admitted their past failures and their present problems (I won’t list that part of the text here.) Though human tendency is to focus only on the negatives while seeing the need to rebuild, they focused on good things that took place, interventions of God in past circumstances, which were a reminder of positive experiences in their relationship with Almighty God. To gain a proper perspective for rebuilding your life, be sure to focus on what good took place in the past, even if it was few and far between. Give yourself credit for good choices as well as thank God for the times you recognized His help.

You saw our fathers’ affliction…You heard their cry…You performed signs and wonders…You divided the sea before them, so that they went through its midst on dry land; You led them by day and …by night to light the way they should go. You came down also … and spoke with them…You gave them bread from heaven for their hunger and brought water for them out of the rock for their thirst; and You told them to go in and possess…You also gave Your good Spirit to instruct them…You sustained them …they lacked nothing…And they … took possession of houses full of all good things, cisterns hewn out, vineyards, olive orchards, and fruit trees in abundance. So they ate and were filled and … delighted themselves in Your great goodness…In the time of their suffering when they cried to You, You heard them …(Neh.9:9-13,15,20,21,25,27)


3. Admit to God about the struggles you are having–in circumstance, emotionally, and spiritually, and ask for His help.

Now therefore, our God… let not all the trouble and hardship seem little to You–the hardship that has come upon us…And we are in great distress…(Neh.9:32,37)

4. Take the results of the prayer, the meditation, the confession to God of what you need, and write out a detailed plan of what God has helped you visualize in your mind and spirit.

The needs and goals may vary and need to be altered or adapted from time to time, so a computer file makes it easy to do this, but I also like to keep a printed version handy that I can look at regardless of where I am during the day. The nation of Israel ended their time of visualization of the rebuilding of the city of Jerusalem, and essentially their lives, by writing out their plans and a commitment to them.

Because of all this, we make a firm and sure written covenant. (Neh.9:38)

Successful results will manifest from a clearly written plan of restoration.

At this point in time of history, the walls of Jerusalem were rebuilt in an amazing 52 days, despite great opposition from enemies outside the city and within their own ranks. The wall of the city, at that time, was a major necessity for the safety of the people during the normal routines of life. Regardless of any opposition you may face, from without or within your close daily associations (people), a clearly written plan of restoration will enable you to have clear, unfailing focus until the manifestation of your life restoration takes place.

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