Where Are Your Energies Invested?

It is a good thing, every year, to evaluate what things from the past you are still pouring energy into that never became as fruitful or beneficial as you planned.

We all have areas in our lives where, in the past, we began investing great time and energy.  We stuck with that particular thing through the years out of habit or routine.  The investment of energy became just a part of life.  You can gain greater satisfaction by freeing your life of areas that are a drain on your energy and unprofitable to your overall wellness.  The time or energy invested is truly no longer worth the value you are getting from it.

What types of things can now be unprofitable investments for your life energies?

Sometimes there are daily or weekly habits that were a part of goals from the past that are no longer worth your energies.  Why?  You change in your desires and maturity as you age.  Certain things that were goals are no longer of importance to you.  Is there anything like that in your life?  Free up that time and energy for new goals that fit with the person you are now.

There are often projects in which we have been investing time, energy, and finances which are no longer of the same level of interest to you, or will no longer benefit you as you had originally planned. It could be time to let it go and re-invest your time, energy, and money elsewhere.


Lastly, take a look at relationships. This is not an admonition to thoughtlessly end life-long relationships, such as family or marriage ties.  If a situation like that seems abusive or unjust, get some professional help from a counselor or pastor, someone outside the situation who can be objective; even with that, consider such changes cautiously.  However, here I am emphasizing relationships that have gone on for years that are one-sided; you are always giving, the other person is always taking. It is the type of relationship/friendship you got into as a child or young adult when you were not discerning of different personality types and how they affect you. Some people hang on to bad childhood relationships way into midlife before realizing that the other person never takes it upon him or herself to pour into their lives. Such as person consistently drains your energy physically, emotionally, and maybe even spiritually, as well as using your valuable time which cannot be gotten back, or even expecting repeated financial bailouts for their irresponsibilities.

You only take this path through life once!

Life is too precious to allow your time or energies to be wasted, even in a single day. What habits, goals, projects, or relationships have you hung on to in your daily lifestyle that time has proven not to be the value you once thought they would be?

Let’s end with this illustration.  There is a parable of a farmer sowing seed into a variety of soils with widely varying productivity. It is used to described the productivity of different people’s lives to the receiving of God’s Word; however, the application fits life productivity overall. The type of soil described as thorny, is a person’s whose life is choked of its possible productivity by cares, anxieties, and distractions, making life fruitless (Mk.4:19,20 Amp). There is no need for you, or anyone else, to have that be the commentary on your life. Instead of a fruitless life, the person’s life could have seen productivity of 30, 60, or 100 times greater than the effort put into it.

What in your life is a “fruitless” venture?  What is a distraction from better things and a waste of your life’s energies?

Take some time this week during an afternoon or evening. Free yourself of the things that are fruitless. Begin enjoying renewed focus on projects, people, and goals that bring profitable results you can enjoy from your time and energies.

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