Is Fear the Center of Your Attention?

As the ideas of economic upheaval, threats of war, disease, natural disaster, or other factors beyond one’s ability vie for control of your thoughts, where is your attention?

Fear is a major factor of everyday life in the times in which we live.  It is a force that one must come to terms with.  Fear can control one’s life, altering your every decision. It changes your health due to the stress it creates.  It steals creativity and rational thought. It hinders spiritual receptivity.  It is a force that cannot be ignored or it will grow in control and dominate your life.

Make the decision to be in control of your thoughts.

It is vital to control your thoughts, rather than allowing them to have free, random access to your mind – the center of all your decision making.  This positive habit is referred to as “taking captive” every thought.   A simpler way to express it may be to say that whatever controls your thought life controls you. Is fear the center of your attention?

You may feel that it is necessary to fear.  With all the uncertainty with the economy, with the instability of the political world, it may give you a false sense of doing something constructive by worrying about all of it.  However, worrying about what is beyond your control is destructive in far more ways than just those mentioned in the first paragraph of this post.  No one else can make this change for you.  Nor will it be easy at first, especially if it is a long engrained habit, but you must make the decision to “take captive” your thoughts, removing the fear that runs rampant in your mind.


Here is an illustration to help you grasp how vital it is to the well-being of the various aspects of your life to remove fear from the center of your attention.

I want you to imagine the fears in your thought life as raging waves of the ocean.  You are in the center of all these raging waves.  As you keep the center of your focus on all the raging waves, the fear is overwhelming.  You may say, “But I have to focus on the raging waves!  They are a danger to me.  It would be irresponsible not to focus my attention on their threat.”  All the while, someone has come up behind you in a ship and thrown out a life preserver to you.  The life preserver is there bobbing in the water, but you are completely missing the life-giving, life-preserving opportunities because you are focused on what is causing you fear.

Many things in life will bring fear and those fears will take control if you do not decide to take fearful thoughts captive. Freedom from fear only comes as you first start with the decision to remove fear from the center of your attention.

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