Overcoming Stress: Releasing Life’s Struggles

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You can identify the typical stress patterns you experience when facing life’s struggles and follow a clear plan to leave them behind.

Fellow SelfGrowth.com expert, Jeanie Marshall, Personal Development expert, has written a helpful article to teach you to release the various stress reactions that occur in your body when facing life’s struggles. It begins with helping you identify the reactions that take place in your body so you can train yourself to be aware of when you are beginning to struggle with something. She then gives a couple of creative ideas for permanently releasing old hurts that are adding to your current struggles.

Here is an excerpt from Jeanie Marshalls’ article with a link to the full article below:

Struggle is a common expectation in our society. We tend to plan for it, anticipate it, and invite it into our lives. It has become so familiar that we often push away joy or peace or harmony, declaring such experiences to be unreal or temporary or frivolous.

Select something real in your life that you struggle against, just to give yourself a laboratory. Practicing on something real but not overwhelming will give you courage to explore something you consider a major struggle. Bring this idea or subject into your mind and feel the feelings. You may find it helpful to close your eyes to stay focused on the task. What does the struggle feel like? What sensations do you feel in your body and where do you feel them? What emotions do you feel and how do you feel them? Hear what you say about this subject to yourself. What does the resistance/struggle sound like? What color is the struggle? How big or small is the struggle?

Identify all the reactions, signals, sensations, feelings, and emotions that you can. Try not to ignore anything that comes into your awareness as you read this. How does your neck feel? Your shoulders? Your stomach? Do you feel agitated or impatient?

How you respond to these questions suggests how you respond to struggle in other parts of your life. While you may want to believe that this is just a hypothetical exercise, it’s not. It’s a real exercise, one that can train your awareness and all the muscles in your being to choose responses other than struggle. It’s helpful to know how you struggle if you wish to change your pattern.

So, are you ready to graduate from the School of Struggle? If you choose to stay longer, you’ll continue to learn…, though, that you’re likely to learn and re-learn and re-learn again the same lessons. Other schools await your enrollment. The School of Joy. The School of Peace. The School of Abundance. The School of Love. The School of Health. The School of Laughter. The School of Enlightenment. The School of Mastery.

Give up struggle for freedom, fear for love, illness for health, pain for joy, hopelessness for mastery, etc . Say goodbye to those experiences you’ve completed or to those persons whose relationships with you have ended. You won’t be able to stay in The School of Joy if you hold onto struggle – you’ll be expelled or asked to take a leave of absence. Merely enrolling in The School of Love is not enough, you must practice unconditional love and not cut classes.

You won’t be successful claiming that all is well or life is good while fierce anger or pain or unresolved issues are stuck inside you. Let the unwanted stuff go. If struggle has been your friend, give a going away party or a hello freedom party to celebrate the release of this energy…

Read Jeanie’s full article for the description of the Going Away Party to release old hurts that are causing recurring struggles.

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