Better Self Esteem: A 12 Day Plan

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A specific plan of action can help energize your thinking to better self-esteem.

I came across this article a few years back. I’ll post the link below to the website it was supposed to be from, though I couldn’t find the article or an author for it on their site this week. If someone knows the author, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll gladly give credit where it is due.

Twelve Days to a Higher Self-Esteem:

Day 1 – Get a journal and write about you in it every night. Write at least 10 things that you did that makes you smile.

Day 2 – Live your life today like you want to live it. Do not base your decisions on other’s wants and desires.

Day 3 – Take care of your needs first. Find what gives you lasting pleasure, not just instant quick fixes. To respect your needs is a great way to lift your self-worth.

Day 4 – Share more of you with others! You may feel vulnerable, but making others feel good creates a feeling of value. A feeling of value will send your self-esteem soaring.

Day 5 – Spend time with positive people! Positive people send positive vibes.

Day 6 – Stay away from the “I want” syndrome, such as, “I want to look like that, I want to be thin, I want to be perfect. These negative thoughts work against your positive self-esteem.

Day 7 – Love Who You Are! Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are unique and loved at least 10 times through out this day.

Day 8 – Stop the comparison game today! When you compare yourself, you are questioning your own self-worth.

Day 9- Stop trying to be perfect! To be a perfectionist will only drain energy that you could benefit you in just being you!

Day 10- Stop putting yourself down! You cannot win the positive/negative battle if you continue to think negative.

Day 11- Hug as many people as you can that you value on this day.

Day 12 – Follow through! When you actively work toward achieving these positive thoughts, you not only defeat the negative but you also feel good inside about yourself and others. That is exactly what makes your self-esteem soar!

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