Metabolism: Speed It Up

Here are 6 easy tips to help you burn more calories and better manage your weight!

These are some excerpts from the footnoted Metabolism article below:

1. Don’t skip breakfast – Your metabolism slows down overnight and will continue to lag if you have too few calories for breakfast.

2. Eat small meals and snacks several times a day – Eating less food at a time but more frequently (instead of more food a few times a day) increases your metabolism.

3. Choose wise food types – Pick foods which are healthy proteins and take more energy to digest, high fiber foods which make you feel full and take longer to digest, soups, beans, fresh vegetables and fruits.

4. Eat spicy foods – Spicy foods such as chili speed up metabolism as much as 25% for a short time after eating them.

5. Eat cleansing foods – Do a good dietary cleansing. Include many high fiber, antioxidant-packed raw vegetables and fruits to remove toxins and unwanted fat.

6. Exercise – Exercising for more than 30 minutes can elevate your metabolism during exercise and for several hours afterward. The muscle you build from exercising also burns more calories.

Excerpts from “Raise Your Metabolism,” p.26, Extraordinary Health, Vol. 5


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