Immune System Boosters

Build your immunity with these easy-to-implement helps.

Any time is a great time to build your immune system, but such focus is especially helpful when there are extra viruses circulating at the job, grocery store, school, etc.

Here are a couple of tips we use:

1. Add lemon to your drinking water. If you are drinking the proper amount of water for your weight each day (weight x 50% = ounces per day), then you have plenty of opportunity to use lemon to build your immune system. Of course, do not just drop it into your water as they do at restaurants; squeeze the juice of a slice into each glass of water you drink.

2. Stimulate your immune system reflex points. You can follow this link to see a chart of reflex point that you can press on to stimulate your immune system. This site recommends using this technique 3 times a week. Our chiropractor has us do a different immune system stimulator, rubbing on the outside of the left knee, rubbing about 6 inches up the thigh towards the hip, for about 30 seconds.

3. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Experts used to recommend 5+ ½ cup servings a day; though most of us do not eat that much of fresh or lightly steamed vegetables and fruit daily, I found a link that will give you the amounts to eat based on your age, gender, and daily physical activity levels. Click here to find your amounts of daily fruits and vegetables.

4. Many people use daily supplements of Echinacea or goldenseal. Some people believe it is better to alternate between the two every two weeks. Personally, I mainly use them if I feel early symptoms of allergies or flu.


Below are a few more suggestions for building your immunity are from Dr. David J. Foreman, Herbal Pharmacist, who writes a monthly newsletter for the Vitamin Shoppe. His info is referenced at the end of the post (1):

5. Avoid Sugar. This includes other white flour foods like pasta, bread, cake, white potatoes. He says 7 teaspoons of sugar will decrease your immune function by 50% for up to 8 hours, so avoid refined foods.

6. Wash your hands. Use a hand sanitizer. Dr. Foreman prefers a grape seed extract as a hand sanitizer.

7. Use supplements. Dr. Foreman recommends a daily host defense supplement such as products like: Advanced Immune Support by MD Select, Immune Support Formula by Weil Nutritional Formulas, or Immuneactive by Futurebiotics.

1. The information above contains excerpts from his article on “Build Your Immunity Arsenal.” You can find more of Dr. Foreman’s articles at, click on Articles and More at the top, then on Advice from Experts/Herbal Pharmacist; you will then see the archives on the right.

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