Winter Ways to Increase Your Vitamin D

Since Vitamin D3 is a vital source of daily health, a good anti-viral, and effective even against certain types of cancer, here are some ideas for up-ing your intake during winter weather.(1,2)

During the longer days of summer, it is easy to receive much of your needed Vitamin D intake from outdoor activities in the sunshine.  With the shortened days and cooler winter weather, it is time to consider incorporating these other sources of Vitamin D into your daily routine.

A recent study of the Journal of Food Science has concluded that most people get less than 2 percent of their recommended daily intake of 600IU (up to age 70) or 800IU (over 70) of Vitamin D from food.(3)  In the study, people’s intake averaged 152-220 IU per day, mainly from the milk used on their cereal.

Harvard School of Public Heatlh suggests fortified cereals, milk, salmon, and tuna in addition to vitamin supplements. (4)

WebMD suggests:  wild-caught salmon, mackerel, mushrooms, cod liver oil, sardines, milk, yogurt, beef liver, egg yolks, and cheese. (5).  [You can buy mint flavored cod liver oil–it must be kept refridgerated–at stores like Vitamin Shoppe.]

Global Healing Center suggests: button and shitake mushrooms, sockeye salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, catfish, tuna, cod liver oil,  and eggs in addition to sunshine and supplements. (6)

Many doctors also recommend about 5000 IU per day of a Vitamin D3 supplement for general health (2).

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