From Devastation to Greatness

Most every person goes through a season in life of devastating circumstances in which he or she cannot even visualize restoration taking place.   

I wanted to share with you a word of encouragement I heard recently. 

There is a very unusual illustration in a rarely referenced book from Scripture, the book of Ezekiel.  The nation of Israel was in a state of devastation after war.  Ezekiel had a vision of a valley full of disassembled human skeletons.  The skeleton bones represented the complete state of devastation of the people of Israel. The following are some of my own thoughts, as well as a few from a talk I recently heard, that I believe will give hope and encouragement to those of you facing devastating circumstances. 

You may be in circumstances that are so visibly bad that you feel like the chances of your life being restored are as non-existent as that of someone long dead. 

The dry bones in Ezekiel’s vision represented the present life circumstances of God’s people. Circumstances were so visibly bad, it was “beyond dead.”

-Though few people would have hope for it, if it were a valley full of dead corpses, it would have been easier to believe for life to be restored to normal, but it was not.

-Not only was it not a valley of dead corpses (with flesh and skin), but they were not even skeletons. It would have been easier to believe for life to be restored to skeletons than the state of human remains Ezekiel was looking at.  Remember, the bones represented the present state of people’s lives after war.

-There was nothing left to the lives of the people of God in Ezekiel’s vision but scattered bone pieces that had been ravaged by scavengers. 


Restoration can come from complete devestation! 

In spite of the visible state of the circumstances in the lives of God’s people as seen in the vision, Scripture says that the bones re-assembled, flesh came on them, breath and life came into them.  Finally, what was once a valley full of disassembled human skeletons suddenly stood up as what Scripture carefully describes as a mighty army. Not only were the individual lives of a whole nation of people restored from complete devastation, but God literally took them from (1) death to (2) life to (3) GREATNESS! 

You may be in a situation of complete devastation in your life unlike any you have ever known anyone to experience.  You may even be part of a nation of people that have experienced complete devastation, but the wisdom, aid, and power of God can take you, or even your whole nation, from death, to life, to greatness!

You do have a part to play in this restoration!

One last point, Ezekiel himself was personally experiencing the devastation of the people of God in a war ravaged country; the vision was a part of his own personal experience. During the vision, for the nation of people to go from death to life to greatness, God actually commanded Ezekiel to speak life over the valley of dry bones, again and again; in actuality, he was speaking over the state of his own life. The restoration would not have taken place without Ezekiel himself speaking “life” into the devastation. He had to have hope; he had to believe the restoration of lives, including his own, were possible! God commands that we, as His creation and His people, obey Him by having hope and speaking His “life” into our devastated lives and circumstances. Do not keep your focus on the present state of circumstances.  Look forward with vision and hope!  God will take you from death to life to greatness as you listen to Him, obey Him direction, and speak “life” into your devastation!


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