10 Habits That Harm Your Immune System

You would be surprised how many seeminlyg non-health related daily habits actually harm your immune system. Check these 10 tips!

This tips are just excerpts from a great article by the editors of Prevention.com. Please use the link in the footnote below to read this beneficial article! (1)

 1. Avoiding People- Research shows people between 18 and 55 who had 6 or more human connections during a day where 4 times better at fighting off viruses than those who do not; even if you’re busy, meet, call, text, or email your friends.

 2. Being a Nightowl- Poor sleep habits lower immune system function and reduce killer cells that fight germs. Research shows that men who got only 4 hours of sleep 1 night a week had ½ the flu antibodies of those who slept uninterrupted for 7½ – 8½ hours each night.

 3. You’re a Pessimist- A study of college students showed optimistic students had more helper T cells and fighter cells than pessimistic students. Optimists also tend to take better care of themselves and have less stress-related damage to the immune system.

 4. Bottling Up Your Emotions- Researchers showed that a 15 minute constructive argument with a spouse, with positive, affectionate communication, created surges in blood pressure, heart rate, and immune-related white blood cells similar to moderate exercise. Couples who use sarcasm and insults during arguments take 40% longer to heal from injuries.

 5. Constant Chronic Stressed- Consistent chronic stress, such as with job insecurity or a sick relative, significantly reduce your immune system function. Though such stressors cannot be avoided, it is essential to take time for healthy stress relievers that help you unwind and recover, such as exercise, baking, whatever works for you.

 6. You Don’t Carry a Pen- Avoid touching public objects, such as communal pens at the bank, restaurant, etc. You will cut the risk of such easily passed cold and flu germs.

 7. You Drive Everywhere- Research shows that inactive people had twice as many sick days in 4 months as people who take a brisk, daily walk. 30 minutes of aerobic exercise puts more white blood cells back into circulation.

 8. Your Friends Smoke- Due to second hand smoke, an estimated 3,000 Americans die each year from lung cancer and 300,000 children suffer with lower respiratory infections, as well as it triggering asthma and allergies.

 9. Using Antibiotics Preventively- Taking antibiotics at the first sign of a sniffle can make you resistant to the drugs and suppress your immune system by reducing the level of cytokines. Use antibiotics only for bacterial infections and use the whole course.

 10. You’re Too Serious- Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases some immune cells. A study showed that healthy adults who watched a 1 hour, humorous video had significant immune system increases.

(1) Read full article, “10 Habits That Wreck Your Immune System,” by Prevention.com


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