Dry skin? Easy Skin Care Help

The winter months bring added desire for skin care help with dry skin problems.

Those already with dry skin do not look forward to the added irritation that winter weather brings, as severe dry skin can be quite painful, even leading to bleeding, and definitely an unwanted distraction during daily responsibilities.

I recently read a helpful article with good, easy skin care help for dry skin by Dr. David J. Foreman, Herbal Pharmacist, who writes a monthly newsletter for the Vitamin Shoppe chain of stores. (We buy most of our supplements there.) The information below contains excerpts from his article on “Winter Dry Skin Tips.” You can find more of Dr. Foreman’s articles at www.VitaminShoppe.com, click on Articles and More at the top, then on Advice from Experts/Herbal Pharmacist; you will then see the archives on the right.

The first step for skin care is using an EFA, essential fatty acid, such as fish oil or a vegetarian source containing flax, borage, or Evening Primrose oil.

Though either type works well for dry skin, Dr. Foreman prefers the fish oil as it provides many additional health benefits not derived from the vegetarian oils. He, his friends, and family have found that the EFAs work better than anything else previously tried for eliminating dry skin. Do take note that during the winter, it will take more than the necessary manufacturer’s recommended dose to take care of dry skin; consider consulting your healthcare provider for a safe dose for your situation.

The second necessary step for dry skin care is the proper amount of drinking water.

Remember the absolute minimum of your water intake per day is half of your body weight in ounces. Use this formula: (Your weight) x ½ = ounces of water per day. For example: 160 lbs. X ½ = 80 ounces of water per day.  None of us have the time to measure each day, so take your favorite glass or mug that you use, fill it with water, then pour the water into a measuring glass that has ounces on it. Once you know how many ounces your glass holds, then you only have to remember how many glasses of water to consume per day. I need to drink 4 glasses per day minimum for my weight with the glass size I usually use. Dr. Foreman says hydration is so essential and most people are so lacking in water intake, he has literally seen people lose their wrinkles after drinking the proper amount of daily water. (Toxin-free water is important, too. See my post on Water Filter for Drinking Water.)

The third skin care help for dry skin is a good moisturizer.

Dr. Foreman suggests applying moisturizer to your entire body twice a day. For your hands, you need to apply it after hand washing as well as when you come in from the extreme cold. For the best health benefits, it is good to avoid moisturizers with parabens–petroleum-based moisturizers. The parabens are a toxin that created unwanted health problems. (The discussion on parabens is not in Dr. Foreman’s article. For healthy natural oil alternatives to commercial lotions, read my post on Links from Breast Cancer, Other Cancers, to Parabens in Cosmetics)

Last, be proactive about harmful substances to your skin in your environment.

One of the main sources of harsh drying and irritation to your skin, as well as a source of toxins, is chlorine in your shower water. Installing a shower filter to remove chlorine is easy and an immediate help. (See my post on Shower Filter for Pure Water – Water Purification) In addition, Dr. Foreman suggests avoiding harsh soaps and using a humidifier during cold months. We changed years ago to soft soaps or gel soaps as they are, in general, much less drying. Now we also usually buy organic; you need to check the label for toxins as some are labeled organic but still contain parabens and/or lauryl (or laureth) sulfates.

For Dr. Foreman’s full article on “Winter Dry Skin Tips” containing all his suggested product brands for EFAs and moisturizers, please Click Here.


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