Power of Change

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Most people fear change; it is more advantageous to fear the lack of it.

Each of us have areas of our lives in which we need desperately change as well as those in which we greatly desire to see change. It may be in our personal relationships, career, health, spiritual life, or even projected retirement investments. Too often our frustration goes on for years due to one of the main points in the March 2, 2009 post on Reaching Success, “You have to follow through with a plan.”

Wishful thinking, as opposed to vision casting, will only lead to continued disappointment.

To put an end to the disappointment of a lack of change, one must first vision cast (Create a mental image of the changes you want as well as put them in print.) and then act. Wishful thinking will not accomplish anything. Be aware of how dangerous to your fulfilled life are thoughts such as:

I’ll work in this goal when I have more money.
I’ll make these changes when I have more time.
I’ll focus on this need when I have fewer distractions.
I’ll start exercising or eating right next week.

Though none of us would consider ourselves insane, it is beneficial to remember Eistein’s Definition of Insanity, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

To do what you have always done each day, the same life patterns, the same activities, the same thoughts, only allow for wishful thinking which leads to continued disappointment. The power to your fulfilled life, the power for reaching your dreams and goals, the power to seeing the various needs met in your life originates from Change!

If you fear change, work on re-creating a true perspective that change is positive. Every living thing changes! If there is not any change, there is either stagnation or death! You must make a decision to start acting now. No more procrastinating for whatever reasons you have been using.

We each want to “live life” to the fullest, and “life” involves change. Change is good! The power to “live life” to its fullest starts with Change.

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