A Love That Isn’t Earned

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The most basic desire of every heart is to be loved solely for your intrinsic value. Though it may be difficult to consistently find people who will fill this void, God’s love can fill that need for true, consistent love on a permanent basis.

People’s attitudes, actions, emotions, and commitment levels toward us vary greatly depending upon physical attributes, personal perspectives, illness, stress, hormone fluctuations, and on and on the list goes. It takes a person who is fairly self-disciplined and firmly committed to the relationship with us to demonstrate consistently positive responses in spite of outer stimuli or inner health variations. If one does not have such a person, or a good number of this type of people, in his or her inner circle, it creates the feeling of a great void in the need for love, often affecting one’s self-worth, peace, joy, and even job effectiveness. However, God’s love for us is based solely on our intrinsic value; in other words, because we are, we are of infinite value to Him. We do not need to feel pressure to earn His love, favor, kindness, or help. This realization can bring great relief from the guilt and lack of closeness that many people carry in their relationship with God due to poor input received during past religious education.

Many of us struggle at times with feeling that not many people would choose to love us. God, however, made the choice for you to be His cherished child!

At some point during childhood most everyone has experienced the humiliation of not being picked for something, whether it was participation in sports, a group game among neighborhood children, as a prom date, etc. One can release the struggle of not feeling you have the attributes that would cause someone to choose to love you by accepting the fact that God chose to love you. “In His love, God chose us—actually picked us out for Himself as His own—before the creation of the world (Eph. 1:4 AV).” God, in His foreknowledge (knowledge of the future), believed you so worthy of His love that He had already chosen you to be His child before the world was ever created! You didn’t have to earn His favor then and you still do not!

The example God gives in scripture to prove that His love for us does not need to be earned is of our spiritual adoption.

My inspiration for today’s blog came from an article by Kenneth Copeland (Faith to Faith, April 3rd) in which he gave this illustration. When parents adopt a baby, it is a decision they make solely out of their own love. The baby has not done anything to earn their love or respect, nor is the adoption based on something the baby did to impress them. Yet that child now has a new life, loving and devoted parents, and enjoys the rights, privileges and provisions of a member of that family. Using this same earthly illustration, God describes how His love for you does not have to be earned—it is an unmerited gift! Ephesians 1:5 says, “For God planned in love for us to be adopted as His own children through Jesus Christ, because it pleased Him and it was His kind intent [desire] (Amplified Version).” Just as an earthly parent in the adoption process, God made a choice solely out of His love to make you His child, to lavish on you His love and devotion, and give you all the rights, privileges and provisions of a member of His family! Allow the full impact of this illustration to bring relief, joy, peace, and the much needed love to your inner spirit knowing that you don’t have to do anything to earn God’s love. Day after day, God’s love for you is there in its totality to consistently fill the basic desire of your heart to be loved regardless of your appearance, status, abilities, or any other factor.

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