Making Real Change to Thoughts, Feelings, or Behavior

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One of the people I have come across while networking my site is Dr. Dorothy Neddermeyer. I’ve enjoyed reading through the featured articles on her site, and have found her ideas to be extremely insightful and beneficial. With her permission, I’m quoting part of an article she wrote called, “Four Easy Steps to Change Your Thoughts-Feelings-Behavior.”

The purpose of the article is to take each of us beyond the point of saying, “Yes, that’s a good point. I need to change this aspect of my life,” to actually following through with the desired goals. Here are Dr. Dorothy’s 4 steps for success in changing your thoughts, feelings, and/or behaviors:

  1. Identify the thought-feeling-behavior you want to change.
  2. Identify the thought-feeling-behavior you want to incorporate in its place.
  3. Observe yourself. Each time you observe yourself using the undesired thought-feeling-behavior, note that fact. Simply note that you are doing it.
  4. Continue to observe yourself and note you had a thought/feeling or behaved in the old way. As you note this, stop yourself immediately and replace the thought-feeling-behavior with the new thought-feeling-behavior. Continue this process, until the old thoughts-feelings-behavior have become integrated.

Another key to success that Dr. Dorothy emphasizes is to only work on changing one thought, feeling, or behavior pattern at a time. This is good, practical advice that makes success an easy process!

To read the full article on Dr. Neddermeyer’s site, follow the link below. This particular article is a little more difficult to find on the page than most of the other archived articles. Scroll down past the second ruled line of asterisks and just below the Quote of the Month, you will see the “ARTICLE” in all caps:

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