Healing Illustrated Propels One’s Faith

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I want to preface this healing illustration by saying that its purpose is to encourage you to believe for what is possible through faith.

It in no way implies that I myself have special powers or abilities. Healing is a gift from God solely out of His loving kindness. The more one’s faith progresses, the more you are able to receive the gifts God desires to pour into your life as part of a loving relationship with Him.

At this particular time in my life, I was somewhat disillusioned with the level of visible activity of God in my life. I knew from the Scriptures that God desired to be actively involved in people’s lives as shown in the examples there; I also knew that it is expressed throughout Scripture that such involvement is God’s desire. I had studied the lives of various people of great faith from the past. After receiving a book on faith as a gift a few months prior to this healing, my spouse and I had made a renewed effort to study people who were effective in their faith and consistently saw the miraculous intervention of God in their lives. We were weary of a mundane faith. We determined in our spirits to apply whatever principles we could learn from those we were studying.

Our yard is filled with gardens containing over 30 rose bushes and a large variety of other plants. It was time for a major spring clean-up and pruning. Wanting to speed the process, I had pulled out an electric hedge trimmer to use on the plumbago and some other bushes. A neighbor from a different street stopped by to talk for the first time in a couple of years, so he talked for over an hour. As it often is with mistakes, I began to hurry, wanting to finish 2 more bushes before dark. There was one branch that just would not stay in the right direction for the trimmer to grab it. The electric hedge trimmer has 2 sets of teeth that crisscross back and forth; it has a safety release button which must be held down for the power to run. Usually, if I can’t get something cut the way I want, I let go of the button before moving the branch. I had always been so careful. This time, however, I left the hedge trimmer running while I reached with my left hand to move the branch-a very bad decision. My wrist was too weak to support the weight of the trimmer with one hand. The trimmer swung right into the first 2 fingers of my left hand. I felt the teeth grab my fingers. Realize that I had been cutting through wood with this machine all evening. I was sure that the ends of my fingers were gone. I dropped the trimmer, yelling, “Oh, my God, I cut my fingers!” There was so much blood pouring out that I couldn’t see if my finger tips were there or not.

I ran up to the garage, but decided that there was too much blood to go into the house so I would use the hose at the side of the garage to wash off my hand. My spouse grabbed a clean cloth to wrap around my hand and put pressure on it. We still didn’t know at this time if I had my finger tips. One miracle at this point was that I had always previously blacked out at the site of so much blood, but I was fine. Next, instead of panicking, the principles of faith we had been studying kicked in and we prayed for the bleeding to stop. The bleeding stopped instantly! We were able to go on into the house to view the damage and wash the wounds in good lighting. The third miracle was that I still had my finger tips. There were 2 long cuts, 1 into each finger, but I had felt the trimmer grab my fingers. As the machine is rather like a chain saw, it would have been nothing for it to cut through my fingers. I don’t know if God replaced my fingertips or physically stopped the blades from going all the way through. We couldn’t get all of the dirt out of the wound, and, though I am not promoting this idea, I am not fond of emergency room treatments so we put triple antibiotic and bandages on my hand, prayed for another miracle, and decided to wait to go to a walk-in clinic in the morning if necessary. The next day, my fourth miracle was apparent when I removed the bandages; there was no dirt left in the wounds, no infection, and the sections of skin that were cut so badly that I thought they would die and fall off had reattached themselves.

The miracles by the compassion of God continued as I had no nerve damage to my fingers. For someone who makes a living typing on the computer and whose hobbies are gardening and cooking, the experience could have brought great personal loss. My friend who gave us the gift book and started our renewed pursuit to grow in faith for the miraculous was commenting on the miracles that had taken place in my life. She mentioned that, in contrast, a man at her job had the same type of accident and was presently going through therapy to restore the use of his hand.

The final miracle that I was aware of in this experience needs a little explanation. Due to other health issues, I have never healed well. Slight scratches have always left scars. Within 1 week of the hedge trimmer cutting through my fingers, the cuts were completely healed with no scars!

I trust that this healing illustration will not only enable you to rejoice with me in God’s goodness and miraculous intervention in my time of need, but challenge you to believe in His unfailing love and desire for involvement in your life!

You can comment on any of these blogs. Feel free to share about a healing that took place in your life with other bloggers. Write a brief comment below about how you came to experience healing. It will be a source of encouragement to others who are seeking their healing now!

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