Have a Healing Morning

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Most of us get in the typical morning rush. We wake up in such a rush to get in to the office that the word “morning” does not even create a pleasant mental picture.

I’ve often read that successful people are “morning people.” That is characteristically true for several reasons. Part of which is that most successful people do not do the typical morning rush scenario. They get up early enough to have alone time, unrushed, to meditate, think, and envision the day and their future goals. The unrushed morning actually brings healing to their lives. Why?

This type of “healing morning” develops more creative thinking, a sense of peace instead of life being out of one’s control, and allows for help and direction from a person greater than yourself, from the One who planned each day of your life before it ever existed in the physical realm (Ps. 139:15,16).

If you’ve never thought you could hear God’s voice in your spirit, a search of the term “voice” in Scripture shows numerous references to the “voice of the Lord.” More specifically, Jesus said that those who seek God know His voice and follow it (Jn. 10:27). You can make significant progress in the healing of your life by having a healing morning. Get up a little earlier so that you won’t be too rushed and can take some time in solitude to listen for God’s voice. If it means you need a cup of coffee or tea, a piece of fruit or toast, to help you stay awake before you jump into your typical morning routine, so be it. One of my favorite verses in Scripture is Is. 50:4 which says of God, “He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like a student being taught.” If you don’t do so already, get up a little earlier, and have a healing morning listening to all you can learn from the voice of God.

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