Why Guilt is Unnecessary

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  1. Why Guilt is Unnecessary
  2. 2 Simple Steps to Release Guilt

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Perfectionist that I am, I tend to be very hard on myself for any situation that I, in retrospect, feel I could have handled better for some reason.

Due to the weariness that comes from extended trying circumstances, everyone has an occasional bad day emotionally when they feel discouraged, hopeless, unable to be strong for other people, lose their temper, etc. We make a difficult situation even harder if we then listen to negatives voices in our spirits which bring self-condemnation for not staying perfectly hopeful and strong every day of the trying circumstance, especially when we know we are doing our best to succeed.

I heard a great word of encouragement the other day from Joel Osteen. He said, “Even Jesus fell down under the weight of His cross. He fell on the way to His victory.” He went on to maintain that you don’t have to be strong 100% of the time to see your victory, so don’t listen to the enemy [the condemning thoughts in your mind] when he says that you lost your victory if you don’t stay in faith every minute or that since you are not perfect then you are not good enough. Though Jesus fell under the “weight” of His trial and someone else had to help Him with His burden [another person ended up carrying Jesus’ cross to Golgotha], the victory still came a few days later when the resurrection completed the work of salvation.

Even if you are unfamiliar with the concept of salvation, it is still easy to apply this principle of encouragement to your life.

I haven’t met or heard of anyone, believer or unbeliever, who claims to be a better person than Jesus. If His trying circumstance was too difficult for Him to constantly be in a state of appearing hopeful and strong, still able to help others with their difficulties, than we should release our self-condemnation realizing that it is okay when we have an occasional weak day. As long as you get up again, you are still on your way to victory!

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