Does God bring Harm and Tragedy?

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The week of this post there have been 2 major world tragedies, a cyclone in Burma and an earthquake in China. When tragedies occur, especially ones such as these that hit with such severity, there are always people who question if God is the source and others who insist on it. Though there could be a great deal of theological or doctrinal discussion on this point, I wanted to encourage you today with a main spiritual principle about the heart of God from this verse. “Don’t be deceived. Every good and perfect gift is from above, from the Father, who does not change like shifting shadows (Jm. 1:16).”

Let’s concentrate on two points revealed to us in this verse.

  1. Everything good and perfect is from God. God’s nature is good. Endless passages could be quoted on this point, but let me direct you to one not often referred to. “God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all (1Jn. 1:5).” Scripture often refers to light as representation of good and darkness as representation of evil. There is no evil in God; there is no dark side to Him.
  2. The Father does not change. We can count on the fact that His good nature does not vary with His mood or temperament or world circumstances. Good will always come from Him. There never will be an evil or dark side to Him.

This brief blog will not answer all the questions in the universe about the cause of tragedies, but I trust it will bring needed peace and comfort to your spirit knowing that God’s good nature does not change.

If you are in need of more input on the topic of God and harm, there are 2 blogs in the 2 Minute Reflections category called, “Does Harm Come to Teach Us Lessons, Part 1 and 2.”

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