Free from Lack

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It is astounding to realize how much lack in one’s life can be created by a deficiency in emotional and spiritual maturity.

If you survey your life and see lack or need in several areas, it may be worth your while to see if a lack of maturity in dealing with your life’s circumstances is the cause. Let’s take a look for a moment at how a lack of maturity creates lack in other areas of one’s life. For example, a person who lacks the maturity to stick with a job will not receive advancements in that career. A person who lack’s maturity hinders his interpersonal relationships; he keeps himself from developing effective conflict resolution as well as healthy relational skills. A lack of maturity in ones’ personal life may keep him surrounded by chaos as he doesn’t follow through with the myriad of adult responsibilities, such as maintenance to the house, yard, car, laundry, other possessions. The lack of maturity in one’s spending habits and goal planning is sure to create hindrances to his financial success.

How does maturity come?

God gives us a glimpse into a clear way to develop maturity. In James 1:2-4 it says,

“Consider it pure joy whenever you are enveloped in various trials. Understand that this proving of your faith brings perseverance (endurance, steadfastness*). Let perseverance have its full effect, do a thorough work so that you are mature (complete in mental and moral character*) and complete (perfectly sound in your whole person*), not failing or lacking in anything!”

Throughout history, there are stories of monks and mystics who sought to develop their spiritual maturity via self-induced suffering. I’m not condoning such things. I can see those actions bringing about some level of self-discipline but such self-arranged suffering does not bring the same level or type of emotional and spiritual maturity as properly handling the situations of life that are beyond one’s control. Make an effort to approach every difficult circumstance or suffering with an attitude that you will bring good into your life by your purposeful effort to deal with it in a mature way; purpose to grow in your level of personal and spiritual maturity. A choice to be steadfast (as opposed to immature) in dealing with your life’s circumstances will bring completeness, wholeness, soundness to your whole person-emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. And as we know, wholeness and wellness in these areas play a great part in our physical health as well!

Purposing to deal with life’s circumstances with a level of maturity brings a positive aspect to your difficulties.

Bring a positive aspect and a new level of hope in the midst of your darkest circumstances. Stay focused on that fact that facing hardships with the mindset of developing your maturity will bring a state of completeness to your personal and spiritual lives. Dealing with life’s situations in a steadfast and persevering way will grow your maturity until your life lacks NOTHING (Jm. 1:4)! That’s a very encompassing statement, not to mention, highly motivational. And if the vision of a life free from lack is not enough-which is obviously facetious–God Himself gives an additional promise to bring good into your life from difficulties due to outside sources, “We know that in everything God works to bring good to those who love Him, to those who are living according to His purposes (Rom. 8:28).

Are you desiring to reach your full potential in life? Determine to handle your life experiences with a steadfastness that will grow your maturity!

Experience completeness, wholeness, soundness to every aspect of your person by ridding yourself of immaturity. Live with freedom from lack!

* Greek definitions from Strong’s Dictionary of New Testament Words

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