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On a scale of 1 to 10, implementing being 10, how often do you act on new, valuable knowledge that you hear compared to the number of times you let that knowledge merely slip away?

We all come across good input from time to time of things that would greatly improve our lives, quality input on one’s finances, relationships, or physical-emotional-spiritual health. Usually, we feel great excitement at the thought of the possible benefits from that new knowledge yet, all too often, the knowledge that comes our way is allowed to slip away because it is easier for life to stay in a rut.

Just as it is always easier to swim with the current than against it, just as it is definitely easier to go downhill than to a higher plain, it is undeniably easier to stay in a rut than drive over the bumps in the road to get out of the path you’ve been in. We can even be good listeners, eager learners, and have willing spirits with a desire to succeed, but all the right attitudes will still not cause one’s life to prosper if all we ever do is listen, and we never act on that knowledge. Acting on what you hear; it sounds easy enough but, again, it is easier to stay in the rut than to break out of it and make changes. Life may get a little “bumpy” and out of sorts when you put out the effort to implement change, but the benefits are still worth it.

God cautions us as to the decrease in our quality of life from listening to instruction but not implementing it. Better yet, He explains to us how to break out of that rut.

He is speaking here about His own words, but the point is valid for all beneficial instruction we come across, whether in the Scriptures or in lectures, books, or blogs by successful people. “Do not merely listen to the Word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. The man who looks intently into the Perfect Law that gives freedom, and continues to do this, not forgetting what he has heard, but doing it– he will be blessed in what he does (Jms. 1:22,25).”

The action God describes here is fitting for putting into action financial, relational, and health knowledge as well as spiritual. Look intently at the new knowledge and continue to do this so that you will not forget it.

“Intently” means attentively and absorbingly, thoroughly focused on implementing the knowledge. Recall for a moment some of the good input you’ve heard that you have never acted upon–whether it be good financial advice, relationship counsel, physical health instruction, or spiritual wisdom. Realize how much you do deceive yourself when you get excited about new knowledge that can change your life but do not discipline yourself enough to act upon it. Benefit will not come without action. All the Scriptural knowledge, self-help books, financial or relational advice, physical/emotional health instructions, even your willing attitudes are not enough to benefit you without the step of intently focusing on implementing valuable knowledge. Follow God’s direction in the above quote; continue to intently focus on the new knowledge so it is not forgotten and follow through with implementing it. Then, and only then, will your life be blessed as you desire for it to be.

Break out of the rut! Implement what you’ve learned and bring healing to your life!

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