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In my recent post called, “Break Out of the Rut,” we discussed how rarely we implement the great ideas or input that we come across and how to break out of the rut of life and make real progress. I came across a great article by Caroline Jalango on how to make room for all the positive changes we want to achieve by identifying and removing what hinders constructive changes.

Here is an excerpt from Caroline’s article along with a link to the full post on her website.

“You want to be loved, to be at peace, have wonderful relationships, look and feel good, find a better job, be respected and recognized for your work, make more money, grow your business, advance your career and so forth — but have you ‘emptied out’ the unproductive aspects in your life to make room for your new desires?

If you haven’t, what’s currently taking up the much needed space in your life? Emotional clutter, baggage, tolerations, hang-ups, fixed perspectives, belief systems, attitudes, excuses, fears, or debilitating habits can occupy a large part of your life and prevent you from pursuing or receiving anything new — even if you wanted to!

Even when you somehow manage to achieve your desire, you might still grapple with thoughts about how to ‘squeeze this new thing’ into your already ‘overcrowded life’ and how to make everything else work smoothly at the same time. If you fail to effectively manage your ‘overcrowded life,’ you become stressed and may involuntarily sabotage the very thing you’ve worked to achieve….”

Click here to read Caroline Jalango’s full article entitled, “What’s Taking Up the Much Needed Room in Your Life?”

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