New Audio Reflections!

Ever wish you could listen to Healing Reflections from your computer while sitting back and relaxing with your feet up, or while doing housework, or lifting weights? How about listening to Healing Reflections on your iPod or MP3 while jogging, or mowing the lawn? Now you can!

We’ve recently partnered with to turn all our Healing Reflections into Audio Reflections. With their superb technology, a pleasant computer voice will read our posts to you when you click the Listen Now button at the beginning of any post on Receive When you click the Listen Now button, you can also use options to download the audio of the post to your MP3 or iPod. The More link will give you plenty of RSS Feed Reader options, as well as links to download any of the most recent 10 Healing Reflections from our site.

Since we just registered with Odiogo, all Healing Reflections from February 2008 to the present are now available in audio. However, be sure to take advantage of browsing or downloading the audios of your favorite posts  Odiogo only stores the audios for 1 month.

We hope this new service allows our Healing Reflections to be more convenient and an even greater blessing to you and the lives of those you love!

Health, healing, and blessing to you from Receive!

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