Creating Your Purposeful Life Environment

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  2. Creating Your Purposeful Life Environment

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Take a few moments to look at this example and write out the activities, people, and environment that will enable you to live your life with purpose.

This is Part 2 of this post. In Part 1, we talked about author Dawna Markova’s insight on Living with Purpose and looked at her “No Matter Whats” list which she developed as an example to help each of us write our own list of how to live lives with passion and purpose. If you did not read Part 1, please click here to read it.

Here is my “No Matter Whats” List:

What are the influences, activities, and people that cause me to live life with energy, fulfillment, and purpose?

No matter what, I need to be living and working in a spacious environment that encourages my creativity and visionary side.

No matter what, I need to be living and working in an environment with garden and ocean views that fill my body with pleasure, health, and energy.

No matter what, I need to live a lifestyle that provides times for prayer, meditation, healthy eating, exercise, relaxation, and friendship so that my mind, spirit, and body are all equally healthy.

No matter what, I need to work privately as an author, but also outwardly, impacting the world, so that all nations of the earth are blessed through me. (Gen.12:3)

No matter what, I need healthy relationship time with extended family members.

No matter what, I need interaction with people who enjoy nature, music, architecture, and find pleasure in the simple joys of life.


No matter what, I need a human atmosphere that is consistently pleasant, supportive in actions, and positive and constructive in attitudes.

No matter what, I need human atmosphere with people who enjoy thinking deep thoughts about life and spiritual matters and challenge the depth of my thinking.

No matter what, I, too, need to live and work in a climate that is interdependent, where the norm is people who feel equal responsibility for our environment, and are purpose driven to be live in the same loving, giving manner that I focus on living toward them.

And lastly, no matter what, I need to live and work in an environment that does not squelch creativity, but believes that even greater than what we dream of can be accomplished.

If you want to participate online, feel free to use the “Leave a Reply” or “Submit Your Comment” button to post the “No Matter Whats” list for your life. If your list is too personal, still make a working list that will help you break out of a habitual life to live a passionate, fulfilling, purposeful one!

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