Searching Articles with the Tag Cloud

The Tag Cloud is a new enough feature on blog sites that a large percentage of people are unaware of the benefits of using it.

In the lower right column of the site, you will see a group of over 100 keywords of varying sizes. These are the keywords or topics from articles already on my site. The larger the word, the more articles which are already posted on that topic. You can click on any word in the Tag Cloud and it will instantly pull up a list of all the articles on the topic of your choice!

In addition to the Tag Cloud, you will also notice that at the end of each post or article you read, there will be several topics or keywords in blue, called Tag Words, right below the Share This and Print This buttons. Clicking a Tag Word at the end of the article will also pull up a list of all articles on that topic. The difference between the Tag Words at the end of the article and the Tag Cloud is that the Tag Words or topics below an article only list the topics discussed in that article. The Tag Cloud is a complete list of ALL keywords or topics discussed on my site.

I trust these tips are helpful to you. Have fun browsing and don’t forget that you can still use the Listen Now button to have the post immediately read to you or downloaded to your iPod or MP3.

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