Sleep Disruption and Re-Setting Your Biological Clock

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I read a fascinating article last month by Dr. Joseph Mercola on sleep disruption. He described how our bodies were designed for dusk to dawn sleep and that the development of electric lights has thrown off our biological clocks, causing many people to live in a state of permanent jet lag.

He then gives several tips on re-setting your biological clock for effective sleep patterns. These tips not only address the times we choose to sleep but various light sources that affect us which we may not normally think of.

Here is a quote from Dr. Mercola’s newsletter on permanent jetlag. A link to the full article is at the end of the post:

This is a CRUCIAL part of health maintenance that many overlook. They are insensitive to the fact that electrical lighting is a relatively recent innovation and less than a century ago this simply was not available. This modern convenience has sabotaged the health of a large percentage of the population for not paying close attention to how to make adjustments for this modern-day convenience.

Organisms evolved to adjust themselves to predictable patterns of light and darkness, in a physiological cycle known as the circadian rhythm. Once artificial light effectively varied the length of a day, the average night’s sleep decreased from around nine consistent hours to roughly seven, varying from one night to the next. The irregularity prevents circadian rhythms from adjusting to a pattern, and creates a state of permanent “jet lag.”

For the full article on sleep patterns, click the link below. When you arrive on that page, there is a brief article by someone else that Dr. Mercola quotes. Scroll down past those couple of paragraphs to Dr. Mercola’s Comment section. There you will see his full article on eliminating all the possible light sources, many usually not considered, that create your state of permanent jet lag.

Click here to go to Dr. Mercola’s Newsletter.

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