The Power of Your Words–Is it a Reality?

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In spite of the wave of interest in the Law of Attraction philosophy that is going on in recent years, many people still struggle over whether or not there is truth in the concept of the Power of Your Words.

If you have Googled the Law of Attraction recently, or even searched through the Experts at (Their Experts are 1000’s of people whose careers focus on various types of self-improvement. I have a webpage there connecting to this site under the Spirituality category.), you will find scores of people in the secular realm who say that they were bankrupt and had lost everything only to have it restored by following the principles of the Law of Attraction. This philosophy is based on a quote by Jesus, though most of the people who appear to use it benefit from the Scriptural principle of the power of their words apart from any close relationship with God. In other words, the power of speaking positively over the needs, goals, and desires of your life to the point that it changes your thought patterns is such a powerful natural and spiritual law that putting it into practice has even turned around the lives of people who do not seek close association with God. It has turned destitute lives to states of healthy lives physically, relationally, and financially.

Let’s briefly look at the basic principle of how positive words create a healthy chain reaction in your life.

When your thoughts are consistently focused on the negative state of various situations in your life, several things occur:

  • It depletes your physical energy.
  • The stress of such thoughts usually brings arthritic-type aches and pains, in addition to a variety of illnesses.
  • It causes sluggish memory.
  • It diminishes creative thought to the point where you cannot think of positive steps to take to make changes.
  • The focus on the negative often causes you to miss opportunities for good change because your mind is consumed with present negative state.

Realize that even if you are only “thinking” solely negative but not speaking it out, it affects you! In Ps. 39:2, King David says, “But when I was silent and still, not even saying anything good, my anguish increased.”

As mentioned earlier, consistent, positive speaking over your needs, goals, and desires brings about a change to healthy thought patterns. As you speak that you believe you will be healthy, free from debt, more successful in relationships, get a better job, etc., the reverse of the above symptoms take place:

  • Your physical energy improves.
  • The decrease in stress reduces the aches and pains of stress-induced illnesses.
  • Memory improves.
  • Free from the weight of negativity, your mind begins to think creatively about possible steps for change.
  • Because you are believing that change is coming, your mind becomes alert to opportunities throughout the day that hold potential for bringing needed change to your life.

The principle of bringing change by the Power of Your Words and the resulting positive thinking is confirmed to be true in Scripture.

  1. It is of vital importance to speak out the truth of Scripture over your health, finances, circumstances, family, etc.Your words are more than mere words. From psychology, most people understand the power of other people’s words, harming a person for his entire life. Yet, Scripture says it is just as true in the spiritual realm-whose results are seen in the natural world, “The power of life and death is in the tongue (Prov. 18:21).” Why does God say it if it is not true? He again speaks a similar thought in James 3:5,6, part of which says, “The tongue… corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire.” The entire course of your life can be destroyed by negative words!
  2. God expects us to pattern our life as well as our words after His example.Hebrews (the book) says, “By faith we understand that the universe was formed by the spoken Word of God; so we know that what we see was not made out of visible things (Heb. 11:3).” Everything we see came from things that were not visibly existent. How? By God speaking it. He said, “Let there be light,” when there wasn’t any, and then it came into existence because He spoke it. You may say, “But that was God, not me.” Spiritual and natural laws still continue. Our creative power will never be equal to that of God, but God still says that the power of life and death is in our words. God expects us to follow His example of speaking positive change into existence.
  3. The Power of Your Words is a part of faith and answered prayers.Mark 11:23 says that whoever believes and does not doubt will “have what he says.” Another example, in 2 Cor. 4:13 says, “It is written: ‘I have believed, therefore I have spoken’ [referring to fathers of the faith in history]. With the same spirit of faith, we also believe, therefore we speak.” In other words, the men of faith in the OT believed what God said, they believed His promises, spoke in faith, and what they believed and spoke came to pass. We, in the same spirit of faith, are to follow their example by believing the Words of God and speaking them as “so” over our lives.

Probably my favorite example of the Power of Words early in Scripture with a human being is a rather humorous one.

God appeared to Abraham, who at the time was named Abram, and made a covenant to fulfill various promises to him, one of which was a child though he was in his 90’s and childless. In Romans 4, centuries later, where it tells of God’s promise to Abraham coming to pass by faith, it says that “God calls things that are not existent as though they were [had already happened].” I had heard this verse quoted many times through the years but didn’t understand it until I began studying it. God is our example; we pattern our lives after Him. Before Isaac was born, God changed Abram’s name (meaning exalted father) to Abraham (father of nations). God called things that didn’t exist as though they already were; He began calling Abram, Abraham– the father of nations, while Abram was still childless! God spoke by faith the completion of the promise before it was completed in the natural world. The humorous part is that God told Abram to go ahead and change his name to Abraham, so you can imagine this scenario, since Abraham was a traveler (nomadic in lifestyle). Everywhere he went, he now introduced himself to people as “Abraham, father of nations.” You can visualize their response. “Wow! How many children do you have?” And the 90+ year old man replied, “None yet.”

If Abraham can be obedient to God and speak positive, calling himself the Father of Nations when he was still childless, we can in truth and confidence of faith daily speak out the health, healing, provision, relationship restoration, etc. needed in our lives, these good things that God has already promised-“His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him (2 Pet. 1:3)” –and believe they will come into existence!

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