Determine Your Destiny

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We all want to achieve the purpose(s) for our existence, but how do we overcome the apparent roadblocks?

It is important to have a sense of destiny, of purpose for your life. For this post, we are assuming you already have your destiny in view. If you were to rate yourself between 1 and 10, how effective do you feel that you are in accomplishing the actions and goals necessary for fulfilling your destiny? Even when we have a clear destiny in mind, most of us feel that there are numerous roadblocks to either fulfilling your destiny at all or fulfilling it as effectively as you envision.

My spouse and I have been listening to a series for the past month on the blood covenant God made with Abraham in Genesis 15 and the significance of it in that culture and point in history. The man teaching the series has put out a new book on achieving your destiny, called, “8 Steps to Create the Life You Want.” In describing his book, he explains an 8 step process to achieving your destiny and how you can evaluate the roadblocks to your destiny by seeing where you are at in this 8 step process.

Here are the 8 Steps:

  1. Change your words to be positive and in line with the promises of God.
  2. Your words will then change your way of thinking.
  3. Your way of thinking will produce how you feel.
  4. The way you feel produces the decisions you make.
  5. The decisions you make produce the actions you take.
  6. The actions you take produce your life habits.
  7. Your life habits, if proper and healthy, produce godly character.
  8. Character will bring you to your destiny.

Here are a few examples of how to use this list to evaluate the roadblocks to fulfilling your destiny:

For example, if you know that you are lacking in character, adjustment will need to be made to your life habits to enable you to be a person a character. If you know that your feelings are consistently negative and it is a constant struggle to speak positively about your future, start guarding your words; the negative words are the snag creating defeatist feelings. If your decisions are usually poor, realize that consistently negative feelings will be giving birth to those poor decisions.

Take advantage of this list as a tool to remove the roadblocks to your destiny. It’s there! It’s reachable! It’s the plan of God for your life! Be willing to change! Be willing to be creative! You can determine your destiny!

If you are interested in reading the whole book, click here for 8 Steps to Create the Life You Want by Creflo A. Dollar.

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