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Another New Feature has been added to make a better place for you to surf to health and healing–the Article Archives!

You will see the Article Archives in the blue bar on the top right of each site page. It is also listed under the Categories in the right column. Most blogs do not have a good way to browse through past posts other than using the Search Box, and if you don’t use the exact term as the author, you don’t find what you need.

The Article Archives shows you a complete list of all prior posts.

I’ve been careful to title posts according to topic, rather than using catchy phrases. So take a look! Find posts on topics of interest to you, find posts on topics that relate to your healing needs, or email some posts to a friend in need! Remember, you can also use the Listen Now feature to download articles to your laptop, desktop, iPod, or MP3.

Enjoy and Receive Health and Healing in Your Life Now!

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