Why Doesn’t God Heal Me?

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Since the majority of Jesus’ 3 year ministry on earth consisted of healing people’s physical ailments, in addition to delivering from demonic forces and preaching, it is a continual question in this day and age, where is healing now?

Scripture expresses that Jesus’ life revealed the will of God for us. Since His ministry on earth consisted of bringing restoration to people’s lives physically, emotionally, and spiritually, it would naturally follow that this is still God’s desire. There are many verses that speak of God’s desire to heal; one of God’s names for Himself is even “The Lord our Healer,” as translated into English, though we will cover those in the next post.

In part of my own personal search as to why there is presently such a great lack of physical healing through prayer, I have put much time into studying people who have been known to be unusually effective in prayers for supernatural healing. In this post, I would you to share with you one of the most phenomenal healings I’ve ever read and the principles of healing by which this great man of faith lived.

Healing does take place in even the most deadly diseases.

John G. Lake was a missionary to South Africa from 1908 to 1913. While there, a horrific bubonic plague broke out. John Lake was caring for the sick and burying the dead. Britain sent a ship of medical supplies and a corps of doctors to him. The doctors asked Lake how he had protected himself from the deadly plague. His answer was, “I believe ‘the law of the Spirit of life has set me free from the law of sin and death (Rom.8:2).’ As long as I walk in the light of that law [of the Spirit of life], no germ will attach itself to me.” In scriptural context, this verse speaks of Jesus’ work of salvation bringing the life of the Spirit of God to us and freeing us from “the law of sin” or, in other words, from everything evil that came into the world through sin, such as disease, poverty, addictions, spiritual death, and early physical death. The doctors were unconvinced, so Lake insisted they do a microscopic experiment on him. Lake showed them that if one of them took bubonic plague foam from the lungs of a dead person and put it under a microscope, the disease cells would still live. If they put the foam in Lake’s hand, and then looked at it under the microscope, they saw that all of the disease cell’s instantly died, proving what Lake said to be true.

It is worth noting here that Scriptures do promise protection from deadly things as long as one is not purposely bringing the harm by foolishness (Lk. 10:19; Mk. 16:18; Matt. 4:5-7). Lake was not foolishly bringing harm to himself. He was bringing help to people in a situation that no one else could because his level of faith in God’s Word kept him safe.

Learning from Lake’s faith in God’s healing power, we can compare our thoughts to these healing principles:

I cannot take credit for this list. I do not personally know the person who created it; their web address is below. This is a summary of John G. Lake’s principles of healing which he compiled from his study of Scripture. It is a long list; however, I found it very personally challenging and well

God’s will is for us to expect to receive divine healing every time.
We are commanded to heal all of the sick; we do not need a special “leading or unction.”
Every believer is already an “heir” of all the authority he needs to minister healing.
All believers can minister healing effectively; some have specialized gifts of healing.
God’s desire is to heal all of our diseases just as He forgives all of our sins.
Jesus never asked Father God to heal anyone, He commanded healing and deliverance.
Jesus healed thousands at a time without requiring them to repent or believe first.
Great faith is not necessary or the key to receiving divine healing from disease.
The disciples did not “intercede” for healing; they commanded spirits of infirmity to leave.
Our traditions about healing have hindered us from demonstrating the power of God.
Unconfessed sins may make people sick but they do not keep them from being healed.
Jesus healed them all, regardless of their level of faith, if they wanted to be healed.
Jesus never tried to find the root cause of the illness or the sin that “opened the door.”
Jesus was never prevented from healing due to the sin of their ancestors.
Jesus taught the disciples to command spirits of infirmity to leave rather than to intercede.
We command the healing power of God with impartiality and it flows every time.
We are not to judge who is confessed up, in faith and ready to be healed.
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is given so that we will minister in the power of God.
We are commanded to lay hands on the sick and pray a prayer of faith (authority.)
The commandment to heal the sick is sufficient without a rhema word for each person.
Healing sometimes takes time to manifest, while miracles are usually instant.
Healing for every illness has already been provided in our salvation by the cross of Christ.
The only requirement for a person to receive healing is to want to be healed.
God is an equal opportunity healer and is never the cause of a delay of healing.
God will reveal any specific keys to divine healing readily, usually as soon as we ask.
God never causes illness to teach us a lesson; it is never His will for us to be sick.
God is willing to minister healing and creative miracles through any believer.
We are to command the power of God without picking and choosing who is worthy.
We have authority to cast out even the devils that people think they want to keep.
We can receive gifts by the “laying on of hands and impartation” from other believers.
N.T. believers initiated divine healing and deliverance at will and the anointing flowed.
Signs and wonders follow our belief vs. we wait for a new command every time.
As believers, we cannot increase our healing anointing except by exercising it.
Believers already have 100% of the Holy Spirit — all that we will ever have.
Christ, in me, is always instantly available to destroy the works of the devil through me.
God will heal through any believer, because it is not about us, but about His goodness.

Every believer is God’s child, man’s servant and the devil’s master.
We don’t beg God for their healing; we proclaim freedom for the captives or prisoners.
There is no one who is so bad that God will not heal them.
The main hindrance to receiving healing is believing that there are hindrances to healing.
Because Christ is in me, I already have all the power and anointing that I will need.
God’s anointing abides within me, is always ready to heal and is always on.
God has healed me every time that I commanded spirits of infirmity to leave me.
God has healed most of the people that I have ministered divine healing to.
God never withholds any good thing from me and will heal me every time I ask.
God will heal every believer — until He is ready to take them home to Heaven.
Sickness is the devil’s work and Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.
We do have to maintain our healing with faith, even if we didn’t have faith to be healed.
Returning to sin can enable spirits of infirmity to come back on us.
We must exercise our authority, refusing to receive spirits of infirmity back again.

This discussion on physical healing will be continued in the next post called, “Does God Want to Heal Me?”

Click here to go to the site where I found the above list of Lake’s healing principles- Cross Walk Life

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21 Responses to “Why Doesn’t God Heal Me?”

  1. Lee Says:

    hello, thanks for your articles. i was wondering if might be able to pray for me for healing?

  2. R.H. Says:

    Yes, we will pray for your healing. You may also want to read the posts- Does God Want to Heal Me? and Misconceptions Regarding Sickness –
    to help strengthen and encourage yourself as you seek your healing. You can look them up in the archives under “Reader’s Questions” or put the titles in one of the search boxes in the middle or lower right column. Continue to follow your physician’s instructions while believing in God’s promises to you for healing.

  3. Rob Says:

    Please pray for my healing! I have IBS and it is awful! Thanks for the great words and the clarification on some of things that I have been misleading myself with. Sometimes my need for rational understanding interferes with my walk!

  4. R.H. Says:

    Dear Rob,
    I apologize for the delay. Just getting caught back up after the holidays. Yes, we will pray with you for your healing. You may wish to read these other articles which mention possible help for IBS. Is Your Crohn’s Disease Food Allergy Related? and Probiotics: Which Should You Take? God’s blessing, healing, and peace to you! ReceiveHealing.com

  5. nancy Says:

    hello, I know God can heal , the question is does he want to heal me” or my loved ones, I wanna believe he does please pray for the spiritual and physical healing of my brother myself and my boyfriend thank you for what you do God bless.

  6. R.H. Says:

    The word of thanks is deeply appreciated! Yes, we will pray for the healing of your family members. We encourage you to be diligent in implementing whichever good health practices are needed as a vital role in each of you doing your part to live healthy lives; look through the tag words in the right column or use the search box to find articles related to your specific health needs, and/or search other health related sites.
    If you did not see it yet, there is another post that should be specifically beneficial to helping you and your family believe God for your healing. The title is very similar to the title of this post, Does God Want to Heal Me? (The title is a link. Click it to go directly there.) It is not a matter of “earning” your healing but your belief/expectation of God’s willingness to help you affects not only your emotions and spirit but the well-being of your physical body, similar to the positive expectation that is necessary in goal setting.
    Blessings to you and yours! ReceiveHealing.com

  7. Derinda Says:

    Please pray for my wounds and serious bacteria resistant infection. Thank you

  8. R.H. Says:

    We pray that you have a quick recovery, that God’s loving care over your life will be shown by His healing power in your body and life. May you and your doctors walk in wisdom in your health decisions. Continue to focus your thoughts on every possible good in your life now. Blessings, Derinda! Alisa Linn, ReceiveHealing.com

  9. Kyle Says:

    The basic point is: Will you pray for me and my family? …
    The only reason why I know there is a God is because no matter what situation I have been thru I have NEVER been forced to go hungry without a miracle solution…

  10. R.H. Says:

    Yes, we pray for quick recovery for you and your family. As for controlling your thoughts to think on positive truths, you may want to read the following articles and implements the practical steps:
    Practical Ideas for Overcoming Fear
    Making Real Change to Thought, Feelings, or Behavior
    Enforcing Hope in Your Thought Life
    Peace of Mind

  11. Jim Says:

    Thanks for your work to bring the question of healing to this era. The hidden “house church” in China is moving in the area of healing in a wonderful way. Part of the soon coming move of the Lord in the end times will be the outpouring of His Spirit and healing will be a big part of the move. The so-called church of today is in a state of ruin, however Our Lord has a time and a place for completing all His plans. Thanks: Jim

  12. R.H. Says:

    Thanks for sharing, Jim! God continues to bring honor to Himself and the promises of healing in His Word by showing Himself faithful to those who are faithful. Feel free to share some examples of healings if you would like on this page on the ReceiveHealing site- http://receivehealing.com/blog/23/true-life-healings/

  13. Brian Gonzalez Says:


  14. R.H. Says:

    Dear Brian,
    Thanks for writing. Yes, we will pray for you. While thinking about your message, the thought came to mind about Kenneth Hagin’s story of when he was a teenager. We have read some of his books in which he frequently mentions that he was near death with 3 incurable diseases as a teen; he was paralyzed with a deformed heart and an incurable blood disease. Though no one experiences exactly what you do in your own emotions with your RSD, I thought you may be encouraged to read his story. Though I do not know anything about the owner of the website, I found someone who has typed up a chapter out of one of Kenneth’s books and put it on their site. We pray God speaks to you through the story of another person’s similar physical struggles while a teenager and that He will continue to speak and bring victory to your life. http://www.oocities.org/ymwmw/kennethhagin.html

  15. Anjie Says:


    I am at a loss because I have been seeking God for healing for my spine for 3 1/2 years now. I h=am in costant pain. I have been to many healing services and have had many people lay hands on me including some well known evangelists as well as elders as well as family members. I have tried every method in the book (anointing with oil by an elder; spirits of infirmity cast out; healing by the gift of faith; proclaiming my healing daily despite the symptoms; looking for open doors andrepenting of sins; fasting-altohugh I only managed 3 days; I have read all the books……etc etc).

    I am now at a point where I think actually God does not want to heal me (because He had countless opportunities to do so – and I really did have faith). Perhaps He wants to use this time in the fiery furnace as a purging process?? SO now I have given up seeking my healing. And quite frankly it’s psychologically and spiritually healthier for me to just accept my situation than to constantly be on a rollercoaster of disappointment with God!

  16. R.H. Says:

    Dear Anjie,
    We empathize with your situation of seeking healing. It sounds like you have followed many similar paths as I have while seeking healing for various infirmities. I, too, have studied people who have been effective in receiving healing as well as praying for healing for others. There do seem to be times where a lack of any visible answer is unexplainable. There have been times where one goes through a variety of responses that have worked for others and it leaves one with a feeling of self-condemnation such as “What is wrong with me that I can’t get an answer?” or a feeling of frustration like you mentioned, “I have done everything I know to do right; where could I possibly have missed it?”
    Working with many people in life who have faced traumatic situations, there will always be situations in this fallen world that we cannot explain, not just in healings, but other various tragedies that happen to good people. It is important at that time to come to terms within yourself of where your faith is. If we had understanding of all the unexplainables in life, we would be God, and we are not. One must make a decision of what is the ultimate source of truth and reality in his or her life. Personally, the only thing I hold on to as unfailing and inerrant is Scripture; I choose to believe that it is infallible even when I cannot explain my circumstances. If a person adjusts what they believe to be true, the doctrine they hold on to, based on their experiences as opposed to what God says is true in His word, than you are left with no stable foundation for your life. Many years ago, when a close friend died of cancer 3 months before his wedding, it shook my faith to the core; I didn’t believe I could ever pray for someone’s healing again. Finally, God spoke to me and said, “Hold on to what you KNOW is true; I am the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness (Ex.34:6). When nothing else makes sense, hold on to what you know.” That is what I have made an effort to do ever since, though some circumstances are more a struggle than others.
    My brother-in-law has been in severe back pain from an auto accident for 5 years and just received his healing. My hope is that you would continue to proclaim the Scripture over yourself that “By His stripes I have been healed,” and believe that you will still see it manifest in your body. I have read of people who have been prayed over for healing and continued to speak in faith that they were healed for over a year until the healing came. Another thing I came across in studying people’s healing is that, for some reason, sometimes it is easier to have faith in one area but we still have to learn to have faith for something in another area. Kenneth Hagin, a faith healer of the last century, said he went for many years being able to believe for healing for himself and others after receiving healing of 3 incurable diseases at the age of 17, yet could not seem to believe God for meeting his financial need for 10 or 20 years (don’t remember the exact time frame.) I have been able to believe God for healing instantaneously for burns and other injuries, yet still need to see healing for physical weaknesses that were hereditary. I have not yet discerned why there is a difference but I am continuing to speak what the Scriptures say about healing, listen for direction, and learn.
    Though I cannot know all the exact details of your situation and the accompanying emotions, I can identify with the frustration you’ve expressed. I trust that some of this will be helpful to you. Feel free to write back. We are in the middle of funeral services this week, so it may be next week before I can respond.–RH @ ReceiveHealing.com/blog

  17. kelly Says:

    Please pray for my healing.I have been sick for over three years.I have gone to many doctors and they think it is something rare.My body hurts and I am always tired I also have epilepsy.

  18. R.H. Says:

    We will most certainly pray with you for your healing. God does desire for you to be well and we will agree with you to see freedom from pain and other symptoms. If you have not already, it would be helpful for you emotionally to read some of the following posts. When you are in pain, as you know, it is difficult to maintain your emotional health. If you allow your thoughts to stay focused on your pain and other symptoms, it can create a cycle of more poor health because of the emotional unhappiness. The first post describes what God says in Scripture about His own desire for you to be well and have a good life. Knowing that God is for you and not against you is a great step forward for your emotional well-being. The other three posts go through ways to help you change the daily pattern or focus of your thoughts, as your thoughts produce your emotions, so that you can have more consistent emotional strength that can relieve depression and aid your body in healing. Believing with you for your healing, Kelly! –ReceiveHealing.com

  19. R.H. Says:

    Dear Tired of God’s Silence,
    A long term illness is extremely wearing on one’s emotional strength and wellbeing. Not knowing all the circumstances of your situation, you would benefit by finding someone local who could be a listening ear, encouragement, and support to you. If you are in a larger city, there should be a women’s trauma center or something of the sort which offers free professional counseling.
    As for your feelings of being ignored or rejected by God, it is impossible to cover such intense, long-term emotions in this comment box; there are many relevant posts that could be of encouragement to you on this site, such as http://receivehealing.com/blog/65/handling-the-fear-of-gods-rejection/ . It takes consistent, daily effort to move past such emotions and restore hope. At the very least, apart from whatever religious views or learning you have had, life is lived better with hope than without it, whether experiences turn out as you had hoped or not.
    A small suggestion for emotional help with your past and present traumas is one I’ve quoted on the site by Dr. Don Colbert, if you are familiar with his work. He has had numerous women patients suffering from a variety of long-term illnesses due to traumatic experiences in their pasts. He explains how focusing on those bad experiences actually causes your body to physically re-live them, creating more poor health. As he explains, you must focus on something good, even just being alive, so that your body can heal. It is referenced in this 3 part article- http://receivehealing.com/blog/124/stress-how-to-cope/ .
    May you find it within yourself to get local help and support, so that you can live with a level of happiness and hope that is not based on circumstances.

  20. Raymond Says:

    Please will people help pray for my healing? Seems I need help in that regard for ive been sick for too long. Thank you

  21. R.H. Says:

    Yes, Raymond, we will agree in prayer with you for your healing. Remember Psalm 103, “Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all His benefits. He forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases. He redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” Just as you believed on Him to forgive your sins and restore your relationship with Father God, you can believe Him to heal you and restore your health. This Psalm shows us that God equally desires both for us!

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