Cherishing the Ones You Love

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We all know that the people we love are more important than any thing or event or responsibility in life.

Though we all know this fact, more often than not we allow life’s busyness to override that knowledge, pushing aside the priorities that are the utmost in importance. I decided this week to check in on a few of my favorite blog authors. I stopped by one of the sites run by Jennifer Jones, a Psychologist and Mental Health Counselor, called The Art of Love and Intimacy. She recently lost her brother to cancer.

Jennifer put up a post very effectively reminding us all of what is important in life, “Love Your Beloved…Let go of the unimportant.”

I’m putting an excerpt here from her post, but please use the link below to read it in full. It is a valuable reminder that we do not hear enough!

It is these very difficult times in life, when we remember what is really important. What is important is not our home, our position, our possessions; it is not who wins a fight, has picked up the laundry, or taken out the trash.

What is important is our loved ones.

… remind yourself how much you love your beloved. Take the time to express how deeply you care; how grateful you are, and how important your love and relationship is.

Laugh together. Enjoy each other. Cherish one another.

Let go of the unimportant….More than anything…. love.

Please use this link to read Jennifer’s full post from July 31, 2009.
Click here to go to Jennifer’s hompage.


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