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Knowledge alone is not enough to break you out of the rut of ineffective daily structure or of harmful habits.

Though I wrote on this a while back, so many people have been asking for info on this topic that I decided to do a brief follow-up. Many people fill themselves with knowledge from a wide variety of self-help guides, but still fail in implementing the majority of the good knowledge that they’ve learned. It is true that old habits are hard to break. If the habits are rooted in spiritual or emotional issues or addictions, obviously there is rarely an instant route to change; you will need outside support and input.

However, especially for breaking out of the rut of the typically daily habits that create an ineffective life, consistency is the key.

In both the religious and secular realms, people often quote Jesus words, “The truth will set you free.” Yes, it can, but the all important element to truth setting you free which Jesus revealed in the same conversation is rarely mentioned. In that conversation, Jesus said, “If you remain constant to my Message, you are truly my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free (TCNT),” or another translation, “If you continue in my Word…(RSV).” Constancy, consistency is the key to effectively implementing any truth and breaking out of the ruts in your life!


Too often, we give up too soon due to a lack of self-discipline.

We start off making changes, but quit after a few weeks or couple of months before seeing the desired results. We learned from our chiropractor that the body re-sets itself every 3 months. The results of any supplements we took, change in eating habits, or exercise would not show significant results until the body went through that 3 month cycle.

No one can change you but you. Take personal responsibility.

You have to consistently act on the truths or knowledge you have received. You must take responsibility for yourself by consistently implementing the truths-spiritually, physically, emotionally–which you have learned that can change your life to the healthy, effective one that you desire. Sometimes you can partner with a friend, family member, or co-worker who is also on a campaign to change to encourage-not nag-each other daily. Still, the other person’s help must be solely in the “pep talk” realm, not reminding, pleading, etc. You must take responsibility for your actions and not put that weight on others.

God’s advice will work! Remain constant and continue in the truths you have learned and you will break out of the ruts in your life!

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