Reach to be Complete

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Is your life focus right now on the main problem area of your life?

What is that controlling area? A job, finances, marriage, other personal relationships, health? Though we must give attention to the problem area if it is going to improve, it is healthier and more effective to be focused on completeness or wholeness than give the totality of your attention to a problem.

Since the beginning of creation, God’s desire for mankind is to be complete.

At the beginning of creation, all was in perfection and harmony. Everything mankind needed was readily available. Yes, man’s rebellion brought devastation, but God still desires for your life to return to a state of wholeness or completeness, and so should you.

Look at this greeting out of Scripture:

1Sam. 25:6 And say this, “May all be well for you: peace be to you and your house and all you have.”

We are to speak the desire for all to be well in others’ lives; certainly, we should speak and desire it over our own lives.

Let’s take a more in depth look with this quote:

Jer.33:9 They will be in awe and will tremble at the abundant prosperity and peace I provide.

God speaks here of people being in awe, both mentally and physically at the prosperity and peace He provides for His people. Sounds simple, but, as I’ve mentioned before, much is lost in the translation to English. Look at the depth and expanse of completeness in life (or wholeness — whichever term is easier for you to envision) that is intended to be ours:

The Hebrew for “prosperity” includes: beautiful, best, better, bountiful, cheerful, good, joyful, kindly, loving, pleasure, precious, prosperity, sweet, wealth, well-favored.

The Hebrew for “peace” includes: safe, well, happy, friendly; health, prosperity, peace, favor, good health, rest, all is well, wholly. (1)


Now make a serious evaluation:

If the majority of your life focus is on your main problem, how much of the invaluable experiences in this list are missing from your life?

Next, are you envisioning your life as including all these things to reach the state of being complete?

Enlarge your vision by beginning to be aware of the aspects of prosperity and peace that already exist in your life and being focused on the opportunities to experience the rest of them.

Create a mental picture of every area of your life being as it should be, well, sound, healthy, effective. Envision it. Desire it. Meditate on it. Believe to attain it by listening to the wisdom of God and looking for the right opportunities.

Give attention to your problem area when it is effective, when you can make a significant change. However, let your life focus be on the reach to be complete!

1. Hebrew definitions from Strong’s Dictionary of Old Testament Words.

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