Purpose of This Site

This site is meant to be a platform for open spiritual discussion for people of all faiths who are truly seeking to know and experience God, receiving the love, health, healing, and blessing He desires to flood into our lives!

Often the healing and blessings that await us spiritually and otherwise are hindered by past experiences that have created:

  • present perspectives of God as unwilling to do good to us,
  • or of various personal fears, guilt, and other negative emotions that prevent health and healing from coming to us.

Though these articles are written from my own personal studies and experiences with God, it is my desire that anyone truly seeking God, health, and healing, will feel free to share their own experiences/input on the same topic, as well as comment on my perspectives and those of others posted here.

As the purpose of this site is for a highly intellectual discussion of spiritual, emotional, and physical healing, we desire that any seeker of God feels free to participate and express his or her views.

In line with that thought, as we are desiring more of God and to experience His healing,

  • any flaming (posts which insult another person or their religious views) will not be tolerated and if posted, will be removed.
  • Though we uphold the concept of freedom of speech, emotionally destructive conversation is obviously off-topic to the forum and counterproductive to the entire purpose of this site.

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