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Thinking Yourself to Health

September 26th, 2012

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A couple of readers asked about health problems stemming from past hurts and how positive thinking brings healing, so let’s touch on both today!

There is an endless stream of little things happening everyday which can irritate you if you allow them to, but they are not even worth the negative thoughts and resulting physical consequences.

The first main point here is “little!” For most of us, it is allowing little situations to consistently irritate or worry us that ruin our health. Medical studies have shown that up to 80% of physical illnesses are caused by emotional issues. Some of us may be experiencing health problems due to living in an emotionally and/or physically abusive environment; if that is the case, health cannot come without a change “in” the environment or “of” environments. (If this is your case, please go to the Cloud Tag in the side column and click on “boundary violations” for posts to help you with that type of situation.) The majority of us, however, allow our health to be ruined by instances that actually come down to a matter of our own choice of thoughts. We can be the cause of our own poor health by allowing a multitude of small instances throughout the day to create irritation or anger or worry. Because we allow these negative responses so often, harmful chemicals such as cortisol are continually being released into our bodies. Studies show that cortisol, a chemical released by stress, increases irritability, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and is associated with numerous diseases (1).

The little things that set you off will vary with your personality. For example, what negative thoughts come to mind when:

  • someone cuts you off in traffic?
  • cuts you off to take the closest parking space?
  • a family member spills something on the carpet or furniture?
  • the kids start fighting?
  • the dog had an accident in the house?
  • a co-worker makes a cutting remark about you in front of other staff? Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »
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Are You Focused on Your Fears?

September 19th, 2012

Even in the midst of fearful circumstances, focusing on the fear itself or the cause of it can hinder a positive outcome.

I’m going to approach the subject of fear in different way here than I normally would. We’re going to look at a circumstance described in history and outline points that you can apply to the fearful circumstance you are presently facing or may face in the future. The reference is out of Mt.14:26-32, and whether or not you are a believer in the historical accuracy of this account, its principles are still applicable.

Here is the description in the Amplified translation. [I prefer the Amplified for study because it gives more detail as to the meaning of the original Greek words; most translations limit the text to a “word for word” translation when many languages — such as Greek, Hebrew, Arabic — have much broader concepts included in their individual words.]

And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were terrified and said, “It is a ghost!” And they screamed out with fright. But instantly He spoke to them, saying, Take courage! I AM! Stop being afraid! And Peter answered Him, Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water. He said, Come! So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water, and he came toward Jesus. But when he perceived and felt the strong wind, he was frightened, and as he began to sink, he cried out, Lord, save me from death! Instantly Jesus reached out His hand and caught and held him, saying to him, O you of little faith, why did you doubt? And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased.

Let’s apply this situation point for point to our own fearful situations, learning from both the positive and negative responses in the story.

1. Notice Jesus’ response to the men’s fear — He “instantly spoke” when they cried out in terror, vv.26,27. Jesus, Father God’s revelation of Himself and His character to us, shows an immediate, interactive response to Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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Cure Your High Blood Pressure by Eliminating this One Food

September 14th, 2012

There is one food item consumed daily in the US that raises blood pressure levels 77%.

High blood pressure is a common issue in our culture; when left uncontrolled, it greatly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.  We all know that food and lifestyle habits affect blood pressure.  Ignoring it is dangerous and yet it can so easily be helped!  Studies show that there is 1 great place to start  —  a food that is a main factor in high blood pressure.  Anyone can make a lifestyle change of just one food!

Dr. Joseph Mercola recently discussed the relationship studies show between fructose and high blood pressure. 

Here are some excerpts.  See the link below for Dr. Mercola’s full e-news post.

A recently published study (2010) showed that:

those who consumed 74 grams or more per day of fructose (the equivalent of about 2.5 sugary drinks) had a 77 percent greater risk of having blood pressure levels of 160/100 mmHg. (A normal blood pressure reading is below 120/80 mmHg.) Consuming 74 grams or more of fructose daily also increased the risk of a 135/85 blood pressure reading by 26 percent, and 140/90 by 30 percent. (1)

Dr. Mercola says what makes this significant is that the average American consumes 70 grams of fructose every day.  It’s time to read those food labels and see what the sources of fructose are in your diet!

Here are Dr. Mercola’s recommendations for safe fructose intake Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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What is Draining Your Energy that Needs to be Let Go?

September 8th, 2012

Gain greater satisfaction by freeing your life of areas that drain your energy and are unprofitable to your overall wellness.

We all have areas in our lives where, in the past, we began investing great time and energy. We stuck with that particular thing through the years out of habit or routine. The investment of energy became just a part of life. It is a good thing, every year, to evaluate what things from the past you are still pouring energy into that never became fruitful or beneficial as you planned. The time or energy invested is truly no longer worth the value you are getting from it.

What things in your life now are unprofitable investments for your life’s energies?

–Sometimes there are daily or weekly habits that were a part of goals from the past that are no longer worth your energies. Why? You change in your desires and maturity as you age. Certain things that were goals are no longer of importance to you. Is there anything like that in your life? Free up that time and energy for new goals that fit with the person you are now.

–There are often projects in which we have been investing time, energy, and finances which are no longer Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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Are You Righting a Wrong or “Jumping the Gun”

September 1st, 2012

Certain situations may bring out in us a sense of justice, but our own indignation to “right a wrong” can make things worse.

We have been analyzing a certain situation in which we have seen much injustice, of sorts, going on. Many people have been hurt by it. Technically, it is out of our hands and not particularly our responsibility. We are idea people and problem solvers by nature, used to taking charge and correcting situations to make them better. I came across a significant post online from a website of daily articles by one of my favorite authors from the past, Oswald Chambers. It was no coincidence to come across it today, and the words were so wise and apropos that I wanted to share them with you.

How many times have you stepped in to correct a situation just because you knew you had the ability to do so, but it either wasn’t the right time or you weren’t the person for the job?

I looked up some definitions on the phrase, “jumping the gun.” Of course, the origin of the phrase refers to someone starting a race before the shot went off, but the phrase now means:

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