Natural Lupus Treatment and Lifestyle Changes Part 2

March 11th, 2012

Table of contents for Lupus

  1. Lupus Symptoms & Causes Part 1
  2. Natural Lupus Treatment and Lifestyle Changes Part 2

Natural supplements and lifestyle changes can bring significant improvement to lupus by strengthening the immune system and lessoning the risk of other disease with overall better health.

Due to the lack of progress in a cure for lupus and the frequent side effects from the long-term usage of prescribed corticosteroid, implementing a healthy diet, body cleansing, exercise, and natural supplements offer promising options toward a better life for those diagnosed with lupus.

Long-term use of corticosteroids, such as used in the treatment of SLE, can result in adrenal atrophy and suppression of the body’s natural defenses in the immune system. In addition, the treatment often results in side effects such as:

  • mood swings
  • depression
  • generalized edema of body and face
  • redistribution of body fat to the abdomen
  • weight gain
  • lethargy (1)

We are going to briefly cover lupus research results from 4 various health sites, and then take a detailed look at the research and lifestyle changes suggested by Dr. Ray Sahelian, which will be extremely helpful for lupus sufferer determined to improve his or her health.

**It should be noted that there are some slight variations in suggested supplements between the sites. I want to emphasize 2 main points in this regard:

1. I would suggest avoiding any supplement that is questioned as safe by even 1 of the following doctors unless you first discuss it with your physician and have a plan for discerning possible side effects.

2. Before taking any new supplement, research it for any possible side effects relevant to your health, such as allergies, interaction with prescriptions, affect on blood pressure, etc.  The first site is one I have used personally; the second is one I just came across.

Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia              Personal Health Zone focuses on Omega 3 Fish Oils and Antioxidants for lupus improvement.

The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil — EPA and DHA — has prevented autoimmune lupus in animals. Studies on humans have been shown to decrease inflammation. 20 grams of fish oil per day combined with a low-fat diet led to significant improvement in 14 out of 17 SLE patients in only 12 weeks. Lower amounts of fish oil did not help.(2) Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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Healthy Fatty Acids: Which is Best and Which is Enough?

August 29th, 2009

Reading Level: Gratifying

With all the talk on fatty acid, most of us have heard that we need fish oil, flax seed or flax oil, and various omega fatty acids, but few people are really sure how much of what ones, so let’s make it simple!

I recently read a clear cut article on fatty acids by Dr. David J. Foreman, Herbal Pharmacist, who writes a monthly newsletter for the Vitamin Shoppe chain of stores. (We buy most of our supplements there.) I’ll give you the highlights from his article, “Secrets of Healthy Fats Revealed.” The link for the full article is footnoted below.

Dr. Foreman makes an interesting statement that Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) are possibly more important than vitamin and mineral supplements because our bodies cannot make them.

EFAs have to come from our diet. Symptoms of a lack of EFAs can include:

  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Poor memory
  • Heart disease
  • Poor circulation
  • Fatigue
  • Mood problems
  • Immune weakness
  • Hormone imbalances

Not only is it important to have EFAs, but they need to be in a proper proportion to each other. Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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