From Devastation to Greatness

December 19th, 2012

Most every person goes through a season in life of devastating circumstances in which he or she cannot even visualize restoration taking place.   

I wanted to share with you a word of encouragement I heard recently. 

There is a very unusual illustration in a rarely referenced book from Scripture, the book of Ezekiel.  The nation of Israel was in a state of devastation after war.  Ezekiel had a vision of a valley full of disassembled human skeletons.  The skeleton bones represented the complete state of devastation of the people of Israel. The following are some of my own thoughts, as well as a few from a talk I recently heard, that I believe will give hope and encouragement to those of you facing devastating circumstances. 

You may be in circumstances that are so visibly bad that you feel like the chances of your life being restored are as non-existent as that of someone long dead. 

The dry bones in Ezekiel’s vision represented the present life circumstances of God’s people. Circumstances were so visibly bad, it was “beyond dead.”

-Though few people would have hope for it, if it were a valley full of dead corpses, it would have been easier to believe for life to be restored to normal, but it was not.

-Not only was it not a valley of dead corpses (with flesh and skin), but they were not even Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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Remembering the Best in Times of Loss

February 29th, 2012

Reading Level: Gratifying

Do you feel that you effectively handle the loss of a loved one?

During a time of loss and grieving, what you choose to focus on will determine how effectively you transition to life without that person. I once read of a study on people who lived to be over 100. The only common factor discovered in that particular study was their ability to go on after tragedy and still find life worth living. Since stress and negative thoughts are physically damaging as well as emotionally, it is easy to see how this would be true. There is no doubt that times of loss involve grieving over the separation. There are a variety of psychological stages one goes through during grief. However, the choice of your focus drastically affects the effectiveness of your transition.

Choosing to focus on the aspects of that person which brought joy to your life is important to your well-being.

Instead of focusing on the traumatic circumstances which took place in the physical realm that caused you to lose that person, choose to live out your life rejoicing in the positive input that person had into your life. Meditate on the various joys that person brought to you. Rejoice that your life was fuller because of those joys. Rejoice that you are a better person because of those experiences.

The next step in effectively transitioning through a time of loss is realizing the source of those joys you experienced.

This week was one of high stress for our family as I almost lost my father to 3 severe intestinal bugs that he contracted while visiting the sick in hospitals, hospices, and nursing homes the week before Thanksgiving. Visiting the sick and elderly has always been a major focus of my father’s life. I was reminded of an experience Immerse Yourself in the Full Healing Contemplation Here »

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